101 Hawker Food House Dinner by Quick Delivery PH

101 Hawker Food House Dinner by Quick Delivery PH

101 Hawker Food House

November 30, 2010

I was blessed to be given a chance to try out the services of QuickDelivery.ph so I’d like to retell my experience with them. I will be dividing it into three parts.

  • The call
  • The delivery
  • The feast

The Call

When I got to my office, the first thing I did was to dial 212 12 12 to make my order. I was a bit surprised that it is like they are expecting me because when I mentioned “blogger gift certificate“, and mentioned my first name, the agent replied back with my full name. I made my order and asked for the amount due and delivery time. I was a bit surprised on the delivery time because the agent said it would take “50 minutes to 60 minutes” to deliver but I did not mind because it was for dinner anyway. However, that waiting time might not be acceptable for other people  especially if they are already hungry (30-45 minutes is much more tolerable).

The Delivery

Hawker 101 Food House Delivery

Indeed, the time they gave me for delivery was correct. I already starting working so I did not keep track of the time much but about an hour after my call, I glanced at my watch and was already wondering, are they here yet? A few minutes later, I was informed that my order has arrived so I quickly went out and claimed my order. I got the receipt and the food then went back.

Later that evening, I would check to realize that they missed my request to also have 8pcs of spoon and fork.

The Feast

So let us now welcome our food.

Hawker 101 Food House Sweet and Sour Chicken

101 Hawker Sweet and Sour Chicken – PHP 170

This is my first time eating Sweet and Sour chicken because I’m used to pork and fish so my expectations were based on that. The taste of sweet and sour was there but it was weak. I’m not sure if that was because I put it in the microwave for reheating that the sauce evaporated but it did not have much sauce on it. Also, it did not come with a “key ingredient” (for me I guess) for sweet and sour, pineapples and would have liked it more if they used chicken fillet too. Overall, it was ok but I’m hoping they incorporate these suggestions to their recipe.

Hawker 101 Food House Thai Beef with Basil

101 Hawker Thai Style Beef w/ Basil – PHP 750

I have this notion that Thai Food equals spicy food so I skipped this when I saw it in the menu. I don’t know what possessed me because in the end, this is the one I ordered but I had no regrets. This one tasted great even if my nose was sweating due to the spiciness. The beef was tender especially on the thinner slices (the thicker slices sometimes put up a fight when you chew them). It also had this “herby” taste aside from the spicy (I guess from the pepper they used). Overall, this one was great!

Btw, this one came in a reusable & microwavable container.


I would say that the ordering process was very easy. The agent was very friendly and he was attentive to my request (saw his notes on my receipt). The delivery was on time based on what the agent told me and the food was great! My teammates enjoyed the little feast.

I would like to thank 101 Hawker Food House and QuickDelivery.ph for this opportunity. Thank you very much :)

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101 Hawker Food House, Makati
Unit 102, Campos Rueda Bldg., 101 Urban Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila

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