My 1st Time at 2nds

My 1st Time at 2nds

2nds Bacon Chicharon

2nds Bacon Chicharon – PHP 340
No, seriously. It’s bacon chicharon. Served with muscovado mustard dip and spiced vinegar.

Hooray! Another add restaurant to my “should try” list. 2nds serves “comfort food” while taking it on a different level or a unique twist. 

An example of that would be their bacon chicharon, their unique take on this classic breakfast dish turned into an appetizer. This dish put them on the map and should be one of the 1st dishes you should try at 2nds. It comes in two dips; muscovado mustard dip (my preference) and for chicharon purists, they also serve spiced vinegar.

2nds Smoked Caprese Tower

2nds Smoked Caprese Tower – PHP 430
Tomatoes, pesto, balsamic glaze, mesclun greens, and smoked Laguna white cheese.

I initially thought this was a pancake topped with veggies… but it was actually a layered salad called the “Caprese Tower“. It looked so amazing that I’m quite sad that we had to eat it. To be honest, it had a lot of different flavors that I didn’t understand what I was eating. The only thing that registered to me was the mild saltiness of the cheese.

2nds Crispy Duck Confit

2nds Crispy Duck Confit – PHP 895
Brined and fried, served with emmenthal mash, pineapple chutney, sautéed red and white cabbage, and sweet duck jus.

New knowledge for me would be the term “confit“. I just read the description off Wikipedia and it sounds complicated so I’m glad that we would not be making it; just eating it. It basically means cooking meat in its own fat (instead of using oil).

2nd’s Crispy Duck confit is meant to be eaten with all the ingredients together to really enjoy it. I followed as instructed and was once again amazed with what I tried (yet I couldn’t explain it in detail again). The duck may be a bit crunchy on the outside but once you get past that; you will see the juicy dark meat inside ready to be mixed with the balance of sweet and salty taste of the other ingredients.

2nds Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin

2nds Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin – PHP 995
The classic Filipino stew. Topped with grated Swiss cheese and served with steamed rice.

From the moment I laid my eyes on this, I was already very excited to try it! Shank would be the cut usually used for our very own bulalo and I was surprised to see it used on caldereta. I can already imagine a fall off the bone experience with the delicious tomato sauce topped with cheese.

My only complaint was it didn’t come with a huge plate of rice; leaving us to share a cup of rice (kidding aside – each one of us were given a cup of rice but to those who will order this, definitely ask for more rice!).

2nds Risotto De Mariscos

2nds Risotto De Mariscos – PHP 400
Cherry Tomatoes, Squid, Clams, Shrimp

A secret item (as it wasn’t yet on the menu on that day) would be their new risotto dish! I love risotto and this seafood version made me love it more! The tomato sauce was so creamy and the addition of seafood made it even better. Can I call it the rice version of the seafood marinara pasta?

Unfortunately, my journey ended here as I need to go so I missed out on the dessert :(

2nds was our 2nd stop of the Taggo-fied restaurants (see here for post on what Taggo is) and it was literally just after our last meal. I’m still glad I had enough space to savor their dishes.

2nd’s serves “comfort food” but let’s define “comfort food”. These are food that you would want to eat when you are feeling down and need something to perk you up. If I look at what we had at 2nds, my personal pick would be the lamb caldereta and a few cups of rice. It will surely drown my sadness away as I unleash my primal desire on the shank!

2nd’s and Taggo

Here’s some details about Taggo and 2nd’s

  • 2nd’s Fan Page –>
  • The reward would be 10% discount on your bill (as long as you use MasterCard).

Disclosure: Our meal at 2nd’s was sponsored.

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