Marciano’s Dinner – 2011 Birthday Special

2011 Birthday Special – Dinner at Marciano’s

Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steaks

The second part of my birthday special! :) After watching the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Jessa and I went looking for a place to eat. Btw, just to mention, we got free ice cream and Greenwich pizza from the movie as long as you show them your movie ticket.

Jessa had a craving for baked shell food (is there such a term? Lol) so we browsed through the menus of different restaurants in Greenbelt 3 looking for that. Our choices were down to Krocs, Rockafeller and Marciano’s. Guess who which restaurant we picked?

**Side Note** We have an officemate with the name of Marciano. Hi Marci! We ate at Marciano’s! :) 

We entered Marciano’s and sat beside the wall (with mirrors). We liked the ambiance of this place because it looks very nice. A good dating spot if you were to ask me. We started to glance at the menu and their menu is themed around movies (some of which I haven’t watched) but I can recognize some like Gossip Girl (well, actually that is the only thing I could recognize). We gave our orders, took some pictures and minutes later (around 15-20), our food came and here they are.

Marciano’s Saffron Vanessa Risotto – PHP 359

Wikipedia: Risotto is a class of Italian dishes of rice cooked in broth to a creamy consistency.

I had no idea what Risotto was until I tried this one. At the first taste of the rice, it reminded me of Arroz Caldo but without the soup and I immediately said, this is very delicious! I also tried the cream dory on top and it was just so-so. It is salty which you need to mix with the rice just to counter the saltiness. The fish serving wasn’t that big if you would remove the salty breading it had. However, overall, I liked this and I’m looking forward to eating more risotto in the future.

Did I just eat my girlfriend? :)

Marciano’s Tenderloin with Sausage – PHP 549

Tenderloin and sausage for the meat lovers, with mash potatoes, carrots and asparagus on the side. First, let me describe the sausage. It is similar to what you can eat in sausage/hotdog places where they have German Sausages. You can taste the juiciness (the oil!) in every bite and it was also delicious (again, the oil!). However, the tenderloin was a different story. Once again, it made me say, yummy! I had it cooked medium-well done so that it will retain some of its tenderness. The meat was tender as I expected and it was cooked just right (no hard to chew parts and you can still savor the meat without having to resort to gravy).

Marciano’s Vanderbilt Oysters – PHP 288

Will this satisfy the craving for baked shell food? One thing we learned while eating the baked oysters is that, they still taste like the sea even if you bake them with cheese which we were hoping will mask the sea like taste. It works for baked mussels but why doesn’t it work for baked oysters? In each shell, we found out that it contains three oysters so if there are 8 shells, then we just ate 24 pieces of oysters. Not bad for the price I can say… however, the only problem is, we didn’t enjoy it much because of its strong flavor (sea) that we would still want to soak it in vinegar (the way I got used to eating oysters).

Overall, our experience with Marciano’s was good. Good ambiance, good food, attentive staff (glad we didn’t experience the bad service that people were complaining in munch punch reviews) but expensive. :)

More pics here.

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Marciano’s Pizza Pasta Steaks, Greenbelt 3
2/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-0467


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