Jessa’s Sandwich and Mango Meal – 2011 Birthday Special

2011 Birthday Special – Jessa’s Sandwich and Mango Meal

May 21, 2011

My birthday celebration started one day earlier and for today, I’m spending it with my gf, Jessa. Our first meal was KFC’s chicken burger meal which due to hunger, I wasn’t able to take a picture so let’s leave it as it is, we ate a KFC chicken burger meal (no pics lol).

While at the landmark food court, ( waiting for movie time), I told Jessa that I will be going to the free taste area to get some free samples (koko crunch, oatmeal and yogurt). Upon returning, I saw her preparing and getting some stuffs from her mini bag.

I was really wondering why she has this mini bag while we were together. All I can see was a sports bottle protruding from the top of the bag. I had a lot of theories on that… she’s going to eat it while watching the movie? she doesn’t want to spend for lunch so she brought lunch? and other stuffs, little did I know that she had a surprise in that container.

She brought a packed meal that contains apple juice, two kinds of sandwiches (ham and tuna) and mangoes!

One thing I can say for sure is that I was really surprised by what she did! :) Also, her sandwiches are delicious! I sometimes make sandwiches for myself but I wonder why her version is much more delicious. She used ham, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, tuna, lettuce and her secret ingredient, pineapple chunks (in which I couldn’t detect because I was savoring the cheese :D ). It was also packed nicely similar to commercial sandwiches.

The mangoes also were sweet and delicious as they were already ripe and ready to be gobbled up by me. See the pics below. ^_^

Jessa’s Sandwich and Mango Meal – PHP Priceless

Thanks Jessa for the surprise! It was really unexpected and I slap myself for having such negative thoughts before.

Till next time,


PS: Don’t go yet as this is just one of the series of posts I will be making for my birthday special 2011! :)

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3 thoughts on “Jessa’s Sandwich and Mango Meal – 2011 Birthday Special

  1. yun naman oh! how sweet! hahaha.. happy birthday allen! hindi na ako nakasali sa contest mo! kainis.. im super super super busy! hahaha.. happy birthday!

So what can you say? :)