2011 Birthday Special – King One Buffet

2011 Birthday Special – King One Buffet

The third part of my birthday special. This is the first meal that I will be having for my silver year! I was browsing through different buffets and decided to try out King One since I haven’t tried it yet and it has been receiving good reviews.

I called them up a few days back just to book my reservation (they told me that they get jam packed on Sundays that is why we need to go there as early as opening which was 11am). I was observing that statement while we were eating at King One and they never did get jam packed on our whole stay there (from 11am to 130pm). Either we were just lucky or they were just exaggerating but it is OK because in buffets, the longer your stay, the more food you can eat.

So now, let us discuss what we can do and eat at King One. To start off, you need to choose two broths for your hotpot. They have the following choices:

  • Satay Soup
  • Century Egg Wansoy Soup
  • Spicy Szechuan Soup
  • Plain Soup
  • Hong Kong Curry Soup
  • Korean Kimchi Soup
  • Pork Bone/Ribs Soup (not sure of the name)

We picked Satay Soup and Pork Bone/Ribs Soup. Now that you have the soup, it is time to add the ingredients to it! We were not able to get the best seats in the house (where you will be seated right next to the ingredient conveyor where you will just grab what you want to grab and dump them to your soup.

However, we were given a checklist where we would just mark the ingredients we want and they will get the ingredients for you. Very helpful!

After doing some checking, we submitted our papers and a few minutes later, our ingredients arrived and let the cooking and eating begin. Here is the complete set of pictures :)

The experience at King One was great! The food was delicious and I should learn to control the amount I drink because they steal the space that rightfully belongs to meat. I should also learn to know which ingredients are expensive so that I could focus on them to make my pay worth it. Because this was our first visit, we just tried as much as we can regardless of ingredient price.

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King One Rotary Hot Pot, Hobbies of Asia
M2-A L/G Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-1370

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