7-11 Big Time Meals – Baby Back Ribs

7-11 Big Time Meals Baby Back Ribs

7-11 Big Time Meals Baby Back Ribs

When on a budget (that usually happens 1 week before payday), I would go to Ministop (toppers) or 7-11 (hotta rice) to fill my hungry stomach without digging deep into my pocket. My favorites would be Bicol Express Toppers and Arroz ala Cubana Hotta rice.

Just last year, 7-11 introduced their Big Time Meals and it came with two variants; baked quarter chicken and pork chop with pancit. It comes at a higher price tag at PHP 69 but on my first try of the baked quarter chicken, I was impressed since it was bang for the buck. A few months later, they added the third variant which was the Baby Back Ribs and this would be what I’d like to share with you today.

I could have tried and written about this much earlier if only it wasn’t out of stock every time I pay a visit to 7-11. I was stalking it for the whole month of January but only got to try it mid February. Still at PHP 69, it comes with 90g to 100g of meat + java rice + carrots and peas and BBQ sauce.

7-11 Big Time Meals Baby Back Ribs

I quickly opened it and stared at it for a few seconds. I was observing the serving size and was already making fantasies on how I would eat it.

7-11 Big Time Meals Baby Back Ribs

…then I literally poured the sauce all over it (apologies for my lack of culinary art skills)

7-11 Big Time Meals Baby Back Ribs

…then I flipped it so that the sauce would also mix with the rice.

My first reaction was “not bad”. In fact, it was surprisingly good for something you can buy at a convenience store. The meat although doesn’t fall off the bone was flavorful and tender. I had a bit of trouble trying to scrape off the meat from the bone but that only released my primal instinct as I grabbed the rib, ripped it into two and started gnawing till I reached the bone.

I may have found my new favorite go-to quickie budget meal (that’s a lot of adjectives to describe a meal lol).

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3 thoughts on “7-11 Big Time Meals – Baby Back Ribs

  1. I haven’t tried this. Will give this a try one time. :)

  2. U8mypinkcookies says:

    Interesting. I like the chicken pepperoni wrap and hawaiian wrap in 7-11!

  3. i’ve seen this baby back ribs the other night and it looks pretty good, will try it one of these days :)

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