8065 Bagnet

8065 Bagnet 

8065 Bagnet

On finding 8065 Bagnet.

I have heard nice things about 8065 Bagnet so we set out to find it here in Makati. Our first attempt failed as I reached the 8065 building but can only find a coffee shop. We went around the building and gave up after not finding it. On my second attempt, we found it by simply entering Estrella street from Chino Roces, ignoring the 8065 building and going straight till you see 8065 bagnet on your left. Parking will be on the streets so just prepare some change to give to whoever helps you out.

Dining Experience at 8065 Bagnet

So having found 8065 Bagnet, we went inside and up to the 2nd floor as the ground floor is full (and have lots of smokers). In the menu, you will see all kinds of Bagnet dishes such as curry, dinuguan, sinigang, kare kare and the likes. You can order them as a meal (w/ rice and soup) or good for sharing.

8065 Bagnet - Original Bagnet Meal

8065 Bagnet – Original Bagnet Meal – PHP 115

I had the original. It comes with bagoong and green mango strips. Loved how the skin and the edges were very crispy yet the pork meat inside remains tender and easy to chew. Although I enjoyed going through it, I felt something was missing so I walked around and grabbed a bottle of Mang Tomas. Instant 10! The only bad effect was that I no longer was able to scrape off the fat so I ended my meal with a slight headache.

8065 Bagnet - Kare Kare Bagnet Meal

8065 Bagnet – Kare Kare Bagnet Meal – PHP 120

Using the same bagnet, they customized it into Kare-Kare. It was amazing! The peanut sauce was sooo peanuty if there’s such a word and it felt like you didn’t need to use bagoong anymore. Also, this order had way more chunks of bagnet as compared to the original one.

8065 Bagnet - Garlic Butter Calamansi Sauce Steamed Fish

8065 Steamed Fish – Garlic Butter Calamansi Sauce – PHP 120

Aside from bagnet, 8065 also serves steamed fish dishes in different sauces. We had the one with the longest name. A dish we ordered to compliment our meal because we thought there would only be few pieces of bagnet in our meal. We were wrong and we ended up having this to go.

I was very satisfied with my meal and I’m looking forward to my next visit so that I can try the sinigang, dinuguan and sisig versions of 8065 bagnet!

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8065 Bagnet
8065 Estrella St
San Antonio, Makati
(02) 519-6511

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