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A few samples from JD Bakeshop Iloilo

Whenever I am in Iloilo and I’m looking for a quick snack, JD Bakeshop is usually one of my choices to visit simply because of good food at really low prices. Allow me to show you some samples when we last ate their (take-out though).

I must admit that you should not set your expectations very high because the taste would be typical (nothing extra ordinary). The pasta that you will see above costs less than PHP30.00 except for the spaghetti where they priced it at around PHP 39.00 (I’m trying to remember the prices from the top of my head). The chicken sandwich costs around PHP55.00. Just to note that they add around a small amount when you order for take out because of the Styrofoam but the amount is small (around PHP2.00 to PHP4.00).

I remember when I was still in high school, I would usually stop by in JD Bakeshop just to eat either baked macaroni or their chicken a la king (they cost around PHP15-20.00 back then) and I would be already be satisfied of a great snack!

Another thing I would suggest that you should try are their “mini bars” which the famous one would be the revel bar (will take a pic next time). When they partnered with my high school cafeteria before, these mini bars were always sold out because the students loved them. They cost less than PHP10 each per piece but they are really tasty. However, since I was on a tight budget before, I’d rather buy something bigger for my PHP10.

Simply eating at JD Bakeshop brings back memories for me and I would suggest you try it out when you have the chance to visit Iloilo. They have already a lot of branches in the city so finding them won’t be hard.

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JD BakeShop – Gen. Luna
38 Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City
337 4292

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  1. Ellen Mae Palic says:

    jst wana know how much to franchise JD BAKESHOP! thanks

  2. How much is the franchise?

So what can you say? :)