A Mini Food Trip at the SM North Edsa Food Court

A Mini Food Trip at the SM North Edsa Food Court

It has been a while since I last visited SM North Edsa because whenever I’m in that area, I’m usually at Trinoma. After watching a movie, I am still full from the late lunch we had so instead of eating a full course dinner, I decided to go on a mini food trip in the food court. Here’s what we got.

Shawarma from Turk’s Shawarma

Yum yum Shawarma! I did not eat this so…

Takuyaki from Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki – PHP 25.00

Is this just a spelling error or should it be spelled as Takoyaki? For the price of PHP25.00 you are given three Takoyaki balls for you to eat and you can pick your sauce (Spicy or Sweet & Sour) and the option to add mayo on it.

Btw, Takoyaki means Octopus balls. I can’t tell if I was eating any octopus’ there but I sure can taste the vegetables they had their that I thought it was a vegetable ball until I checked what Takoyaki means. However, it taste’s good and a good alternative if you are tired of eating Siomai.

Siomai from Shanghai Siomai – PHP25.00

When I saw this after eating Takoyaki, I was curious. Would this taste the same as the “Master Siomai house” siomai franchise? Well, I ordered and had a taste. The siomai wasn’t that good compared to Master Siomai but it’s distinct feature would be on the sauce. They do not use the common Soy Sauce + calamansi but something different. I couldn’t really tell because I was in pain due to the sauce touching my “singaw” (white circle that results after you bit your lip).

Ice Scramble from BuzBox Scrambles – PHP 20.00

Is this the ice scramble that Bee was talking about? Well, I gave it a try since it is very cheap. I ordered a medium cup (PHP 13.00) and added milk powder and chocolate sprinkles for toppings (PHP3.00 each). It taste’s good! However I can feel that the ice was crushed perfectly and I still have to chew sometimes. I would also like to say that sprinkles (candy or chocolate) is not a good addition to Ice Scramble. This sure brings back memories when I was still in elementary and I would buy this from street vendors.

So that ends my short food trip. and I only spent around PHP100 to have a taste of different “cuisines” lol.

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4 thoughts on “A Mini Food Trip at the SM North Edsa Food Court

  1. good entry man. all those stuff for 100 pesos. except the shawarma..and apply some salt on your canker sore(singaw). so it will heal faster.

  2. hungrybee says:

    That’s the ice scramble indeed! Brings back childhood memories hehe. And I guess the ice was not so fine on purpose or else it will seem like a shake where you’ll need a straw instead of the mini spoon you can use to scoop the yummy powdered milk with ice. And I love chewing the ice! Haha craving again…

    • lol I guess you are right. Now if only they will bring back the halohalo streetfood. I remember eating them before for just PHP 5.00.

      The ice scramble was tasty but I should have never added the sprinkles.. just more powedered milk! :D

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