A Random The Sandwich Guy Experience

A Random The Sandwich Guy Experience

I have personally enrolled myself into the Insanity Program (what have I done). You just need to follow what they are doing in the video but it is really challenging. Aside from following the program, there are also instructions on how you should eat so that you can maximize your results. I’m not really someone who watches what I eat but yesterday, an idea just struck me.

I’m going to eat a vegetable sandwich from The SandwichGuy just located at the ground floor on where I work (well, trying out healthy living once in a while). So I went and bought one (sorry no pics) and I was happily chomping on my sandwich (not minding that there wasn’t any meat in it). Basically, it contained lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and two slice of cheese (thank you cheese).

I was down to around 1/4 of the sandwich when I noticed something black on the lettuce and as I was trying to focus on it, it was moving!!! Upon careful inspection, I saw that it was a tiny worm and that freaked me out!

Well, I went down and returned the sandwich, and after apologizing for the presence of the little creature, they gave me another sandwich. Well, I don’t see any need to complain further so I happily went back up and ate my 2nd sandwich. Yum yum!


This is not a post to ruin their image but simply to relay my experience with them. I’m glad that they understood and admitted their mistake, then offered to give me another sandwich. I did not have to ask anything after showing them the sandwich (or what’s left of it).

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3 thoughts on “A Random The Sandwich Guy Experience

  1. Good thing they replaced your sandwich right away!! i personally like thesandwich guy’s sandwiches because the bread is crunchy =)

    • Yes! I was expecting them to replace them although I did not say anything. ;) You can follow what they do, toast the bread hehe :D

  2. Atleast worm lang after I heard about the spit incident, I couldn’t bring myself to buy from them again.

So what can you say? :)