Afrique’s Dinner

Afrique’s Dinner

I’m getting behind schedule but this is still part of my Iloilo Food Trip series. :)

After an afternoon game of bowling at SEBA, we decided to eat at a nearby place and it was Afrique’s just across the street. I believe we have eaten here before but I have lost the pictures so this would be the first time I’m posting about Afrique’s.

Afrique’s specializes in pizza, pasta and steaks so we had to include them in our selections. Here is what we ate for the night.

Afrique's Greens with Balsamic Vinegar

Afrique’s Greens with Balsamic Vinegar – PHP 169.00

Afrique's Grilled Chicken BBQ Pizza

Afrique’s Grilled Chicken BBQ Pizza – PHP 269.00

This was the first thing that got served to us and it was gone in merely seconds. In fact, we liked it so much that we ordered another one. The pizza had a very thin crust that you wouldn’t notice it is there so you will be left with cheese, grilled chicken and bbq sauce. All flavors, no bread and not heavy on the stomach.

Afrique's Seafood Pizza

Afrique’s Seafood Pizza – PHP 275.00

The second pizza to arrive. This one had a thicker crust and it was very cheesy. It was hard to eat without constantly licking your lips or wiping the cheese off your lips. The seafood was also easy to chew on but we liked the first pizza better.

Afrique's Chicken in a Basket

Afrique’s Chicken in a Basket – PHP 140.00

Afrique's Baby Backribs

Afrique’s Baby Back Ribs – PHP 570.00

The ribs were soft and it was nice to gnaw on the bone. Although it didn’t really leave a wow moment.

Afrique's Tenderloin Steak

Afrique’s Tenderloin Steak – PHP 209.00

I don’t usually eat tenderloin steak as I go for T-Bone but this was surprisingly very tender and delicious. The mushroom gravy tasted good that I used it as a soup for my rice and it really complimented the steak.

I wasn’t involved in selecting the orders but I liked all their selections. Everything was consumed in a matter of minutes and the calories burned in bowling was replenished just like that. It would be the pizza’s fault as they were very delicious.

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No. 3 Valeria Street, Iloilo City,
Iloilo, Philippines, 5000
Phone Number: 509 6092

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