Air Asia Zest offers yummy flights via their In-Flight Meals

Air Asia Zest offers yummy flights via their In-Flight Meals

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Eating and flying on planes hasn’t always been my favorite combination as it usually turns messy especially during the plane’s descend but I’m glad I have managed to outgrow that. This means that I can already eat some snacks before or during my flight; and I will survive. As much as I want to eat a lot, I rarely do so because the prices of meals (especially in NAIA 2) are so expensive and the same goes for the in-flight meals being offered.

Here comes Air Asia Zest (the new alliance of Air Asia and Zest Air) via their new and affordable in-flight meals. You can pick among their choices of HotMeals, Sandwiches and Joy of Desserts. I was able to taste a sample of their offerings and as of now, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s what they have on their menu.


Air Asia Zest Chicken Adobo Ala Mariles

Chicken Adobo ala Mariles

Made from fatless pork and goes with adobong kangkong. It is a bit sour but that’s how I expected should be.

Air Asia Zest Maan’s Pasta Arrabiata

Maan’s Pasta Arrabiata

Penne pasta in a meatless red sauce. It’s a bit spicy but just a kick. Good for vegetarians!

Air Asia Zest Junior’s Korean Beef Stew

Junior’s Korean Beef Stew

Tender beef and delicious stew! One of my favorite Korean dishes. It was a challenge not to indulge myself with spoon after spoon of rice.

Air Asia Zest Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak2

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

A crowd favorite but not for me. Too spicy for my palette but I was amazed on how they managed to put together all the pieces to make it an authentic Nasi Lemak experience.

Air Asia Zest Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice

Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice

If not for the name, I would have mistaken this for roast chicken toppings. Without the signature sauce of Hainanese chicken, it is a challenge to get the taste.

Air Asia Zest Honey Glazed Chicken

Honey Glazed Chicken (Christmas Special – PHP 299)

For this Christmas, the Honey Glazed Chicken was introduced. It comes with a Zest-O Dalandan Fruit Soda and Christmas Brownies. Another favorite of mine as the it had me at the sweetness of the chicken.

Joy of Desserts

Air Asia Zest Cinnamon Bread Sticks

Cinnamon Breadsticks – PHP 80

Crunchy breadsticks that was like dipped in sugar and cinnamon.

Air Asia Zest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies – PHP 80

Now this I cannot stop eating! Even while going through the different hot meals, I would sneak in a bite or two. Soft and chewy cookie that was generously loaded with chocolate chips. Personal favorite!

Air Asia Zest Choco Banana Pound

Choco Banana Pound

Similar to banana cake but has chocolate chunks on top.

Pre-booking of Hot Meals

Now here is where it gets interesting; by default the HotMeals cost PHP 200 each but there’s a way to further lower that price. How? By pre booking your meals! While buying your ticket from Air Asia Zest, not only can you buy pre booked baggage, you can also buy pre booked meals via Manage my Booking. Your orders will be cooked, frozen through cryogenetics (rapidly cooling down of food so it can be transported and to preserve taste) and served to you during your flight. So going back, when you pre book your meals, the price goes down to PHP 168 (16%). But wait, there’s more! You would also get 100ml of water for free! Lastly, you can order at maximum two (2) meals per flight!

Availability of Hot Meals

Hi Allen, please be informed that our pre-booked meals are available also for certain domestic flights such as Davao & Cagayan only since the travel time is more than 1hr & 45mins.


Air Asia Zest no longer at Clark

But let’s think about it; why would you travel all the way to Clark just to have a taste of their in-flight meals? Well, the good news is that AirAsia is now flying at NAIA 3 (for some international flights) and NAIA 4.

Personally, I’m excited to learn these new things about Air Asia and I’m looking forward to flying with them especially since they also serve Manila-Iloilo flights. I was really impressed with how they prepare their in-flight meals and how flavorful they were. They didn’t feel like convenience store type of meals but more of something you can order at restaurants. I’d recommend that you them out soon and let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

Disclosure: Air Asia Zest sponsored our meals.

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