Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

Aozora Bulalo Ramen

Aozora Ramen

From the owners of Lengua Con Setas .. umm I mean, Galli Village Cafe comes Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro; at Domicillo Design Hotel, Tagaytay. Yes, you heard it right, Tagaytay! So how did we end up in Tagaytay?

It was roughly four to five months ago when we received an invite from the owners of Galli Village Cafe to try out their newest concept; Aozora. We kept in touch as Tagaytay wasn’t really just Makati to BGC or Ortigas so going there requires a bit more .. umm planning. However, fate decided to bring us to Tagaytay through a Zomato Foodie Invite which included an overnight stay so off we went and finally, we have reached Aozora.

Aozora would mean … blue skies where Ao is blue while Zora is sky. It’s a very fitting name because at their place, you would be able to have an overlooking view of Tagaytay and its beauty. Look up and see the blue skies; look down (unless you have a fear of heights) and you will see a great view of Taal lake (volcano included). You can choose where to sit; inside where it is cool but you have no view or outside, while hot, you can enjoy the fresh air and the view of the skies.

With the influx of Japanese Restaurants, it now has become a challenge to eat at Japanese restaurants that serve different Japanese dishes. I wanted to try their steak (Wagyu!), their katsu, their ramen, tempura, donburi but we don’t have the room to try them all (plus we were only two and 1 baby).

Aozora Rainbow Maki

Aozora Rainbow Maki – PHP 320
Tuna, Salmon, Tamago (egg), Shimesaba (mackarel)

Our meal started with the rainbow maki; a colorful maki made possible through the different colors of fish and egg. I had my reservations as I’m not really a maki-person but I enjoyed its freshness and the yummy mango inside. 

Aozora Chicken Teriyaki

Aozora Chicken Teriyaki – PHP 260

Chicken teriyaki would be one of those dishes that look simple (and usually a default order on Japanese food); but I tend to look for a few things. For example, I like it when the sauce isn’t so sweet that it is like eating candy instead of chicken and as much as possible; I’d like the chicken to be grilled (sliced chicken fillets, then better). Aozora’s chicken Teriyaki definitely hits my “personal standard” for chicken teriyaki.

Aozora Bulalo Ramen

Aozora Ramen – PHP 320
Bulalo-inspired Ramen

The Aozora Ramen or more known as Bulalo Ramen is a unique dish to Aozora. The ingredients of bulalo (even the soup) has been fused together with ramen noodles. The soup tastes like a mix of bulalo and batchoy together; the latter more often. However, what made me enjoy this dish was the beef! Oh so tender and juicy beef that I almost plucked all the beef from the soup as soon as I started.

Be sure to eat this fast because it suffers from Bulalo’s problem; beef fat lip gloss effect (or sebo). Ramen-loves may or not like this because it is different from the usual ramen taste. I’m still at the middle as while I enjoyed the ingredients (as I love both ramen and bulalo); their mix got me confused.

Aozora Drinks

Drinks from Aozora
Aozora Iced Tea – PHP 120; Green Tea Shake – PHP 150; Yellow Mango Shake – PHP 130

Lastly, for drinks, we had the Aozora Iced Tea that doesn’t taste like tea at all but we just knew that every sip was refreshing. The Green tea shake was very matcha-heavy; and I really loved it! While the yellow mango shake was approved by our little one that he would cry if we took away the straw from him.

We had a great and filling meal at Aozora; and I’m really looking forward to visiting next and eat their steaks and katsu. Ohh if only Tagaytay was just a walk in the park.

Disclosure: Aozora paid for our meal. 

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Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

Domicillo Design Hotel
KM 58 Gen E. Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City

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