Aristocrat Dinner

Aristocrat Dinner


We just came from Manila Ocean Park (a first to both of us) and to cap off our anniversary day, we ate our dinner at Aristocrat Restaurant at Roxas Boulevard. It’s been a while since I last ate here but for Jessa, this is her first time. Since I was hungry, I ordered a rice meal while Jessa got herself a sandwich. Ambiance-wise, the place looks like a fast food restaurant with the messy table arrangement and lots of people dining. Still, they were able to serve our food fast even though they were jam packed (a great plus!)

Aristocrat Boneless Chicken Barbeque

Aristocrat Boneless Chicken Barbeque

I was wondering what was the difference between their Chicken BBQ (3pcs) and their boneless chicken bbq (fillet) in taste since they have different prices. [Still an unanswered question] However, in terms of taste the chicken bbq doesn’t disappoint. It was juicy and yummy even without the help of the java sauce which I don’t know how to enjoy.

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Sandwich - Adobo

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Sandwich – Adobo

For a sandwich that looks like it was fried, the meat inside was very juicy and you can literally taste the adobo flavor. It looks very similar to empanada or is it just empanada with a different name?

Aristocrat Halo Halo

Aristocrat Halo Halo

I enjoyed eating this one because Jessa and I shared one order and we would take turns eating from it (e.g. I take one spoon, she takes one spoon… I take two spoons, she takes two spoons.. and so forth). It was a fun way to enjoy dessert!

That’s it for our dinner at Aristocrat!

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Aristocrat Restaurant, Roxas Blvd.
432 San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 524-7671 to 80 loc. 225 or 230

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5 thoughts on “Aristocrat Dinner

  1. Leny Martinez says:

    Just thinking of, if the Aristocrat is still existing in Quezon City Circle,it’s been a long long time ago when i and my husband is not yet married we’ve been there to eat lunch..i want to experience again thier food they are selling and serve…

  2. Rica Rodriguez says:

    I love their Chicken Barbecue! The Chicken is just tender, and the price is not pricey at all :D

  3. As a child, I always enjoy their Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice. It’s been a while since I visited the place and I really miss this dish. Hopefully before Christmas, I can bring my girlfriend here.

  4. […] On our first year, we started the day where Jessa prepared these customized pancakes for us. After a hearty breakfast, we then travelled for our lunch for an order all you can at Bistro Casanova. We had our share of pasta, pizza, risotto and finished with panna cotta. Gladly, we were the first customers there as they had problems with the volume of people who went it to avail of the same promo. Next stop would be at Manila Ocean Park where it was our first time to visit there. We enjoyed the different shows (e.g. bird show, penguin show, extra 4d show) especially the musical fountain show which was really amazing! It was on par with the shows you see in other countries. Lastly, to end our day, we had light dinner at The Aristocrat. […]

So what can you say? :)