Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant Dinner

Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant Dinner (Via Eat’s a Date)

Asya Filipino-Asian Restaurant

For the longest time, I had this notion that Filipino Cuisine should stay home-cooked instead of being in a restaurant. However, being a food blogger changed this thought of mine and I’ve been open with trying out Filipino Cuisine Restaurants.

We recently went to Asya, Filipino-Asian Restaurant, via an invite from Eat’s A Date. Asya belongs to the group who owns Sutra and Duo. Compared with the two, Asya has a more casual feel. Once you enter the restaurant, you would notice something strange with their chairs… as it has faces! Interesting.

Asya’s menu is predominantly Filipino Food with a mix of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese. For our late lunch/early dinner, we had the following dishes.

Asya Sizzling Crispy Pork Sisig

Asya Sizzling Crispy Pork Sisig – PHP 175

As it being approaching our table, I can already smell the sisig aroma. It was sizzling, crunchy and really hot (exceed my spiciness tolerance)! It was creamy (mayonnaise I guess) and it doesn’t contain pork meat. Perfect with rice or with beer.

Asya Crispy Lumpiang Tinapa at Gulay

Asya Crispy Lumpiang Tinapa at Gulay – PHP 125

Something healthy to follow the sisig. It’s your usual crunchy lumpia with tinapa (smoked fish) bits.

Asya Kalderetang Kambing

Asya Kalderetang Kambing – PHP 450

One of my favorite Filipino dishes. Creamy and very tender. Those were the two words that kept on lingering on my mind after I had a few. You wouldn’t even know that you’re eating goat (not that I can distinguish them from cow meat though). Another great dish to pair with rice.

Asya Sinugba Platter

Asya Sinugba Platter – PHP 995

The main event of our meal! We have hito (catfish), squid, liempo, and chicken bbq. In the middle was burong which was the first time I heard of it and it was very sour! Hito was how I expected it to be (meaty and delicious). The squid was surprisingly tender so it was easy to chew while the liempo was very flavorful and juicy. I liked their marinate on it and another surprise was the chicken bbq which had this peanut like taste (reminds me of Reyes chicken BBQ). This would definitely be a must-order at Asya.

Asya Seafood Aligue Rice

Asya Seafood Aligue Rice – PHP 230

What better partner can you give their sinugba platter but their seafood aligue (crab fat) rice. Aligue has this way of enhancing the flavor of the rice and also raise your cholesterol levels. It also comes with generous servings of squid so you can already eat it on its own.

Asya Coconut Leche Flan

Asya Coconut Leche Flan – PHP 50

As for the desserts, we had two. The coconut leche flan tasted literally as the its name implied. While melting the creamy leche flan in your mouth, you would taste the added coconut flavor on it.

Asya Turon de Langka

Asya Turon de Langka – PHP 75

On the other hand, the turon de langka was more of a so-so dish for me. I was barely able to distinguish the langka (jackfruit) flavor.

Overall, a great meal at Asya. We enjoyed our meal and I was surprised to see their very affordable prices. I would have expected it to be worth more than what was posted (except the kaldereta).

Disclosure: Asya paid for our meals

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Centris Walk
G/F Eton Centris, Centris Walk, Quezon Ave cor EDSA
Pinyahan, Quezon City
(02) 994-8467

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  1. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    Oh my gosh! Sa Eton Centris lang pala ito! I’ll try out this one! I’m a fan of Filipino cuisine! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin haha!

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