Baby Rhyme’s Monthly Celebration Cakes

Baby Rhyme’s Monthly Celebration Cakes

Baby Rhyme one day old

Hello to our baby Rhyme!

Having a baby means a lot of new firsts in our lives!

Last April 25, Baby Rhyme was born and it has opened a new chapter in our lives where I’m now a father in our story. It is nice to celebrate every milestone in our baby’s life as we would only go through it once and time does fly very fast. As of writing, our baby is now three (3) months old and we have been celebrating each month with a mini feast at home.

For this post, I’d like to share with you our celebratory cakes that we buy on every month. I’ll be updating this post month by month until Baby Rhyme reaches one year of life!

Baby Rhyme 1st Week Celebration Cake – Red Ribbon

Baby Rhyme's 1st Week

Baby Rhyme’s 1st Week – We also celebrated Baby Rhyme’s 1st week with a dedication cake from Red Ribbon

Baby Rhyme’s 1st Month Celebration Cake – Conti’s

Baby Rhyme's 1st Month - Conti's Choco Walnut Torte

Baby Rhyme’s 1st Month – For his first month, we picked a cake from Conti’s called Choco Walnut Torte

Move over Mango Bravo! This was an instant hit! Yummy, crunchy, nutty and very chocolatey! You’d love to slice and savor each layer from the nutty toppings down to the crunchy bottom layer.

Baby Rhyme’s 2nd Month Celebration Cake – Max’s Restaurant

Baby Rhyme's 2nd Month - Max's Restaurant - Choco Meringue Delight

Baby Rhyme’s 2nd Month – 2nd Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from Max’s Restaurant called Choco Meringue Delight

It looks so simple but once you had a slice, you’ll be asking for more. It had similarities with the choco walnut torte from Conti’s but a bit sweeter. Love the combination of meringue and choco mouse inside.

Baby Rhyme’s 3rd Month Celebration Cake – Icings

Baby Rhyme's 3rd Month - Icing's - Basket of Fruit

Baby Rhyme’s 3rd Month – For Rhyme’s 3rd month, we had the Basket of Fruits cake from Icing’s

I loved how it looked but was wondering how it would taste. It was a layered cake but had a dominant mango flavor. It wasn’t as sweet despite all the icings on it. Aside from that, nothing extra ordinary in taste.

Baby Rhyme’s 4th Month Celebration Cake – Sugarhouse

Baby Rhyme's 4th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 4th Month – 4th Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from Sugarhouse called Midnight

Let me share a backstory. There was one time that I visited Tapa King (just below where I live) and I tried their chocolate cake (PHP 63 a slice). I immediately fell in love with it and asked where do they get their cakes (as I didn’t think Tapa King was also in the cake business). They told me that it was from Sugarhouse so I made a mental note that I’ll have it on one of Baby Rhyme’s monthly celebrations.

At Sugarhouse; I checked out their cakes and they told me that the cake they supply to Tapa King would be their Midnight cake but with a minor difference. Midnight is pure chocolate while the one to Tapa King has a caramel drizzle on top.

Both were still outstanding! I love how it was so soft as you slice through it and the chocolate taste (either the chocolate syrup? chocolate chiffon etc) just takes over! They even gave me a tip which was to microwave it for a few seconds to make the chocolate oozing!

Baby Rhyme’s 5th Month Celebration Cake – Cafe Mary Grace

Baby Rhyme's 5th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 5th Month – 5th Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from Cafe Mary Grace called Mango Bene

The mango bene from Cafe Mary Grace reminds me of Conti’s Mango Bravo but with less crunchy meringue. I enjoyed it a lot! Although I just find the mango on top sour as compared to the mangoes in the layers inside.

Baby Rhyme’s 6th Month Celebration Cake – Becky’s Kitchen

Baby Rhyme's 6th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 6th Month – 6th Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from Becky’s Kitchen called Swiss Chocolate Cake

Don’t be fooled by its simple exterior. Inside would be a mix of chocolate chiffon and toffee crunch with mocca cream. I did have problems with the hard toffee crunch but you just need to wait a while for it to soften a bit and you can enjoy going through each layer.

Baby Rhyme’s 7th Month Celebration Cake – DQ

Baby Rhyme's 7th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 7th Month – 7th Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from DQ called Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard Cake

Our first ice cream and boy was this really yummy! I’m a big fan of Reese and adding it to ice cream just made my day. I believe I enjoyed this more than Baby Rhyme who was also excited and was trying to get a grab of this cake (not now baby boy!).

Baby Rhyme’s 8th Month Celebration Cake – Karen’s Kitchen

Baby Rhyme's 8th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 8th Month – 8th Month of Baby Rhyme was the Red Velvet Cake from Karen’s Kitchen

Merry Christmas Baby Rhyme! Cheers to the red velvet cake from Karen’s Kitchen. It’s a simple cake with white chocolate on top (and all over the cake) then chocolate chiffon on the inside. There’s still a thin layer of chocolate in the middle. The chiffon was more chewy that the other cakes we’ve tried but I enjoyed it! It’s filling and a great snack!

Baby Rhyme’s 9th Month Celebration Cake – Bake and Churn

Baby Rhyme's 9th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 3rd Month – For Rhyme’s 3rd month, we had the Rocket Road Ice Cream Cake from Bake and Churn

Happy New Year Baby Rhyme! For Rhyme’s 9th month, we got this cake a discounted price from Bake and Churn. I’ve only had Rocky Road on ice cream so eating this on a cake was new to me. It was a mix of different ingredients that kept it interesting.

Baby Rhyme’s 10th Month Celebration Cake – Caramia

Baby Rhyme's 10th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 10th Month – 10th month of Baby Rhyme was a cake from Caramia called Pistaccio Cioccolato.

Oh my… just two months to go and we still have a long list of cakes to try lol :) It was my first time to order a cake from Caramia so I just went with their best sellers. You can taste the crushed pistaccio all over the cake like from the top and the sides. On the inside would be a layer of chocolate chiffon and cream.

Baby Rhyme’s 11th Month Celebration Cake – Classic Confections

Baby Rhyme's 11th Month

Baby Rhyme’s 11th Month – 11th Month of Baby Rhyme was with a cake from Classic Confections called Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion

This is it! The last month before the first birthday … we will miss this activity but we can always continue it right? It was my first time to learn about Classic Confections and I bought their Chocolate Oblivion since it was their best seller. It was a great choice because I loved it! Walnuts on the side and a chocolate mousse as their main part. No chiffon here; just yummy chocolate goodness!


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