Back in Manila but with Unfinished Business

Back in Manila but with Unfinished Business

I’m back and blogging here once again in Manila but I still have unfinished business in Iloilo.

Basically, my unfinished business is when I have not yet posted all my food pictures I took while I was in Iloilo. They are currently in my camera waiting for me to upload them and give them a place in Stop!, Look! and Capture!

Let me give you a list of where I have eaten to show you what to expect in the posts this coming week.

At first, when I arrived in Iloilo last March 25, 2010, I was hoping for a daily dine out for my picture moments but I realized it is hard to do with all the activities that happened. The main event of our homecoming was my sister’s engagement and a short vacation thanks to the holidays brought to us by the Holy Week.

But it was fun especially when I have to stop other people from attacking the dishes for the sake of getting a picture first of the food. Some times, I wasn’t that successful but I had fun doing it. So watch out for my posts soon regarding the dishes I have captured in Iloilo.

Restaurant by Location:

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So what can you say? :)