Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

Beeffalo Porterhouse Steak (450g)

Beeffalo Porterhouse Steak (450g) – PHP 650

Started at a backyard to save on dining costs; an idea was formed and the rest was sizzling.. i mean history!

(Warning – Picture Heavy Post) 

As a family who loved to eat out; Louie and Girlie Abad found it a challenge on their budgets with their five children. They started cooking at their backyard; grilling ribs and steaks and continue to “eat out” of the house. As friends came over to dine with them; it became costly until it an idea was formed. How about opening a restaurant?

So Hot Rocks was born. Located at Autocamp, Pasig; one not familiar would just dismiss this as a food court stall. The menu was a mix of everything; they had Filipino dishes and steaks. However, through their humble and delicious food, they have managed to expand to a new site and continue to serve steaks that made people come back. A setback happened when they lost their locations but the owners didn’t give up.

Beeffalo was launched late 2013 at Marikina. The place was at the edge of “nowhere” where people might have second thoughts on coming but they took that as a unique dining experience. The menu was revamped and they have focused on American Comfort Food. It was once again a hit so a new branch at Antipolo was opened. We visited their Antipolo branch, met with Louie and his fantastic origins of Beeffalo stories and enjoy them over delicious food.

The place screams nostalgic especially for those born … umm 40-50 years ago. Most of their decorations were donations from friends who wanted to help on that classic ambiance. I learned about the 8-track which was the predecessor of the cassette tape and it was still working as Louie operated it for us. Soon the food started to come out from the kitchen and it was time to dine!

Appetizers and Soup

Beeffalo Seafood and Clam Chowder Soup

Beeffalo Seafood and Clam Chowder Soup – PHP 95

Beeffalo Roasted Tomato Soup

Beeffalo Roasted Tomato Soup – PHP 75

Beeffalo Broccolli and Cheese Soup

Beeffalo Broccoli and Cheese Soup – PHP 120

Our meal started off with soup and I had the Broccoli and Cheese. I can feel the broccoli bits and I wasn’t really able to distinguish the cheese from the soup. The seafood chowder (where I had a spoon or two) was less viscous than and it doesn’t have this from “powder-to-soup” taste. A good way to jump-start appetites with a warm stomach.

Beeffalo Caesar Salad

Beeffalo Caesar Salad – PHP 245

Beeffalo Taco BBQ Salad

Beeffalo Taco BBQ Salad – PHP 275

We were also served with two salads; the classic caesar and the taco which was the mash-up of nachos and salad (hello Mexican Caesar!). It was interesting to see the taco salad because it uses the same ingredients as a taco but presented differently.

Beeffalo Wings

Beeffalo Wings – PHP 195

The beefalo wings come in two flavors; hot and sweet and spicy. It used to be so hot that people just forego eating it so the hotness was tamed. I tried both and I survived; albeit a glass of water.

Beeffalo Margherita Biscuit Pizza

Beeffalo Margherita Biscuit Pizza – PHP 155

Beeffalo Three Cheese Biscuit Pizza

Beeffalo Three Cheese Biscuit Pizza – PHP 135

The pizzas were thin-crust which allows you to enjoy the toppings more. I liked the Margherita pizza more as it had a better medley of flavors from the tomato slices to the herbs.

Beeffalo Barbeque Platter

Beeffalo Barbeque Platter – PHP 195

Lastly, (yes we had that many appetizers!), the barbeque platter which has pork intestines (isaw), pork ears (tenga) and pork mesentery (this high-falutin word is translated to as bulaklak). I had my servings of pork ears and it was not rubbery as what I had in the streets. They were just chewy and tasty (great bbq marinade!).

Beeffalo Steaks and Pork

Beeffalo T-Bone Steak

Beeffalo T-Bone Steak – PHP 355

Beeffalo Breakfast Steak

Beeffalo Breakfast Steak (125g) – PHP 190

Beeffalo Porterhouse Steak (250g)

Beeffalo Porterhouse Steak (250g) – PHP 395

Hearing that they have steaks; T-bone and the porterhouse (comes in three sizes) was enough reason for me to visit the restaurant. Seasoned with salt and pepper then grilled, there was no need for gravy but be sure to eat it quickly as cold steaks are like rubber. We have here what we can bang for the buck steaks!

Beeffalo Baby Back Ribs Full Rack

Beeffalo Baby Back Ribs Full Rack – PHP 765

Despite having these slabs of grilled meat displayed on our table; I was drawn to their ribs simply because of the generous fat at the edge of the ribs. It was very tempting and I gladly gave in to temptation as the tender meat that doesn’t stick to the bone and soft fat combination was to sinfully delicious!

Other Dishes and Desserts

Beeffalo Sizzling Beef Ribs

Beeffalo Sizzling Beef Ribs – PHP 330

If grilled meat isn’t your thing then the Sizzling Beef Ribs would be a good try. It was in Locavore that I first tried this dish but Beeffalo’s version was also good; in fact, better if we factor in price and serving size! One extra rice please!

Beeffalo Cheese Steak Sandwich

Beeffalo Cheese Steak Sandwich – PHP 245

Beeffalo Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup

Beeffalo Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup – PHP 225

Beeffalo also served their newest sandwiches (just a week old in the menu) and we got to try them out as well.

The Cheesesteak was a generous mix of bell peppers, beef and cheese. I ate it without covering the top bread so that I can enjoy the stuffings better (else the bread might overpower the stuffings).

The Three Cheese Sandwich; a simple sandwich that’s delicious and healthy. Oozing cheese that will be dipped into the tomato soup for a balanced combination.

Beeffalo Brazo de Mercedes

Beeffalo Brazo de Mercedes – PHP 125

I didn’t need to taste this. I just saw the amount of custard in it and I was sold. But who am I kidding? While others were celebrating and enjoying the ice cream; I was secretly attacking with bliss.

Oh speaking of ice cream, they serve Home-made ice cream made from local ingredients such as gabi, langka, buko and many more for only PHP 50 a scoop.

It was a very long lunch due to the amount of food served and the stories of Beeffalo Owner Louie. Well, as they say, time flies when you enjoy what you are doing and eating great food counts as something that I enjoy doing. Definitely a place that I’d be willing to drive just to dine.

Disclosure: Beeffalo by Hot Rocks paid for our meal

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Beeffalo by Hot Rocks

M.L. Quezon Street
San Roque
Upper Antipolo

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