Bi Won Dinner

Bi Won Dinner

Bi Won

We started with a body scrub with massage at Bacarra Spa, then followed by the wake of our office mate’s father, then a trip to B.F. Homes for some food blog opportunities. I was craving for Korean food so on the first Korean Restaurant we saw at along Aguirre Street, we entered Bi Won Korean Restaurant.

Inside, it looks modern but there’s also some rooms where you can dine Korean style (just on the mat, low tables). We were just supposed to peek at the menu to see if we can afford the prizes but the waitresses and the Korean store manager were so hospitable that we decided to go with our Korean dinner (plus the prizes weren’t so expensive).

Bi Won Banchan Sidedishes

While we were ordering, they started serving the banchan (Korean Side dishes). It was my first time seeing so many side dishes at once. When we were in Korea, we were given around 3-5 per meal but this one had 9!

Bean Sprouts Egg Roll Macaroni Salad
Noodle? Crunchy Seaweed? Fishball?
Mini Shrimp? Spinach Kimchi

My attempt to identify the side dishes (banchan).

Now, let’s move on to our orders. We ordered only two dishes.

Bi Won Jap Chae

Jap Chae – PHP 250.00

Fried vegetables, fried beef w/ chinese noodles (sweet and spicy). 

I call this, “sweet sotanghon”. Basically, they used sotanghon (vermicelli) then added some veggies (which we hardly noticed though there were a lot) and beef. It was a new way to eat sotanghon (soupless) but we enjoyed it. Very delicious!

Bi Won Samgyupsal

Samgyupsal – PHP 300.00

Sliced Liempo w/ special Korean sauce and fresh vegetables

The manager of Bi Won himself was the one who cooked the pork in front of us!

Bi Won Samgyupsal Raw Pork Bi Won Samgyupsal Cooking Bi Won Samgyupsal Cooking 2

  1. It started with two big slabs of liempo cuts.
  2. They were cut and put into the grill to cook. On the sides, he added some garlic and a Korean sauce.
  3. After a few minutes, he cut the pork into smaller pieces and the vegetables were served.

Basically, you eat this by making a sandwich where the veggies are your bread and you are free to wrap it on the pork, sauce and the side dishes. Eating the pork itself would make you taste the fat very well and the meat would have no taste since it wasn’t marinated. It is up to you to mix and match your own combination. I liked dipping the pork into the sauce (to give it a spicy kick), then add the egg roll + crunchy seaweeds on it.

Bi Won Gyeran jjim

Also, we were given a free serving of Gyeran jjim or Egg Casserole by the manager. Very nice and also very yummy! But make sure to eat it fast because when the egg get’s burnt at the bottom, it gives out a bitter taste. Aside from that, it had a very egg-y taste.

We were so full after eating everything that was served to us. We weren’t able to finish all the side dishes but we managed to try each one of them. We were thankful and grateful to the Bi Won manager as he was very hospitable and helpful to us. Not only did we enjoy our food, we enjoyed our stay too so if I’m back there at B.F. Homes again, I’ll add Bi Won to my recommend places to eat.

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Bi Won Korean Restaurant, B.F. Homes
Aguirre cor. Luz, B.F. Homes
Parañaque City, Metro Manila
(02) 807-3129

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