Bibingkinitan and GreenFresh Calamansi Juice

Bibingkinitan and GreenFresh Calamansi Juice

Bibingkinitan Bibingka

I passed by SM Makati one day after going around Park Square and found myself hungry. As we would be eating dinner in a while, I was looking for something light to fill my stomach with and I found these.


Bibingka from Bibingkinitan – PHP 20 each

I was curious about their bibingka for a while but I would usually go to Turk’s Shawarma or Jamaican Patty. I bought two of these just to try it out. It tasted like mamon but with a twist. The twist was the salty egg that they mixed with the ingredients. Their bibingka is made out of rice which is different from the coconut bibingka from Iloilo. The rice version would be more filling and oily but the coconut version was more simple and dry.

GreenFresh Calamansi Juice

Calamansi Juice from GreenFresh – PHP 165 / 760ml bottle

Jessa likes this and since I was in the area, I bought one for her. Pure concentrated healthy goodness. You need to dilute them in water. The taste had a slight sweetness to it and mild sourness, sweet and sour juice!

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Bibingkinitan / GreenFresh, SM Makati – Food Court
SM Makati Food Court , Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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  1. Thanks for the Calamansi Juice Lah! :) To dilute, it says 1 part of the juice and 5 parts of water.

So what can you say? :)