Big Brother’s Burger

Big Brother’s Burger

Brother's Burger Big Brother's Burger 2

I was in Bonifacio High Street one Saturday afternoon due to the Honda Scoopy Event. I was there as early as 1+pm as per the emailed scheduled but sadly, the event officially started at 3pm. I was hungry, looking for a place to eat and the first place I saw was Brother’s Burger. I knew in the back of my head that they serve more expensive burgers than let’s say, Jollibee or McDo but my budget mindset was overcome by hunger.

I went in… browsed at their menu (click to enlarge)

Brother's Burger Menu

Brother’s Burger Menu

and got myself a…

Brother's Burger Big Brother's Burger

Big Brother’s Burger with Additional Cheese and Iced Tea – PHP 290

LoL I had to come in closer to take a look at their patty. Their Big Brother’s Burger is composed of the following.

  • Bread
  • Cheese (additional)
  • 1/2 Pound Beef Patty
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Bread

For their prices, I would assume that this was made out of 100% pure beef else I’ll still finish the burger and cry foul! It looked very simple so I added ketchup and mayo to it.

Brother's Burger Big Brother's Burger 3

Ok, that’s better so I returned the “bread cover” and started with my first bite… and my second… and my third… It tasted “beefy”. I was trying my best to find a different flavor (extender hunting) but I failed which was good. The patty was generally bigger than the oatmeal bread (by Gardenia) and it was being pushed back at every bite. Another thing to mention is that their were grilled so no fried oils, microwave radiation and it doesn’t have the fast food “feel” (though it was served relatively fast – around 5-7 minutes after I ordered).

I was enjoying my meal so much that when I reached the end (where only a small piece of bread was left but lots of patty), I wanted more. I thought I wasn’t satisfied with my meal (not fulfilling enough) but when I was burping a few hours later, I could still smell the burger :)

The Big Brother’s Burger is a good buy for PHP190 but just ignore cheese, nothing special out of it. You can buy your own 20pcs of cheese slices for around 50 – 60 at supermarkets :)

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Brothers Burger, Bonifacio High Street
G/F City Ctr., Bonifacio High Street, Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-2406

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  1. I can’t eat burgers without the cheese though=(

  2. Hi!
    Yum! I have eaten there numerous times, but my hunger always prevented me from taking a photo so I never blogged. Haha!

    Regarding the giveaway, no, you don’t have to make picadillo. All you have to do is link any food post to the Weekday Potluck meme. You get 1 entry per week that you join. It ends on 10/5.

    • Hello, That’s the problem of being a food blogger, it’s always a war between hungry stomachs and need to pic. :)

      I see, then I will link this one to your weekday potluck then :)


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