Big City Dinner

Big City Dinner

Big City

After working out in the gym, Jessa and I badly needed to replenish our energy. We checked out the newly opened Glorietta (although not everything is done yet) and looked for a place to eat when we landed at Big City. They are on soft opening currently so that means no printed receipts (just written receipts), no credit card payments (if they plan to have one). Big Cityoffers sausages and hotdogs from Johnsonville/Nathan, burgers, chicken wings and also rice meals.

Here’s what we had for dinner.

Big City Wings Sampler

Big City Wings Sampler

Big City Wings Sampler – PHP 200

They have three flavors available (Garlic Parmesan, Barbeque, and Buffalo). The first one we tried was the barbeque which we first thought as the Buffalo. It had sweet sauce on it. The second one was the garlic parmesan which was just fried chicken but the combination of the flavor and crunchiness made it my favorite among the three. The third one we had was the buffalo and this one was spicy.

Just a curious thought, when you see a red-brown-maroon like color on the chicken bone, does that mean that the chicken was not cooked properly? I simply ignored it but it got me wondering.

Big City Flame Grilled Burger with Bacon and Cheese

Big City Flame Grilled Burger w Bacon and Cheese

Big City Flame Grilled Burger with Bacon and Cheese – PHP 110 + 30

Their burgers were surprisingly delicious! The presence of the cheese and bacon helped but I have to say that even without it, their patty has enough flavor to satisfy. It was juicy and had hints of spices (or maybe just pepper) to give it that smoky flavor.

Big City Irish Style Corned Beef

Big City Irish Style Corned Beef

Big City Irish Style US. Corned Beef (3 slices) – PHP 300

I ordered this out of curiosity. It looked like roast beef but it had the purple/red color of corned beef. Taste wise, you can taste the corned beef flavor but it wasn’t strong enough to penetrate all of the meat. It was still dominantly like roast beef. It came with horseradish sauce to which I didn’t really like so when they offered to replace it with honey mustard instead.

Big City offered us a great dinner! We enjoyed our meal and we look forward to trying their other dishes. I’m not sure if their offer of honey mustard was based on the fact that they saw me taking pictures though so please this would be something I need to confirm on my next visit there.

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Big City

Glorietta 1

Glorietta 1, South Dr
Ayala Center, Makati

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  1. Quite affordable, they have big servings too! :)

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