Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ

…allow me to tell you a story on how I met Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ – Smoked Ribs (or you can simply scroll down to see the Smoked Rib goodness). 

2012 – The First Taste

Whenever I crave for ribs, Racks usually comes into mind but lately that train of thought has been challenged and dethroned. It all started way back in 2012 when we attended the event called Best Food Forward 2012 and was given a free taste of smoked ribs by Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ. The next thing we knew was we already ordered one to go which would serve as our dinner. It was clearly the highlight of what we ate that night and I longed for the time when I could try it again…

2013 – Meeting the full rack

Although, they can be found at Mercato (Sat, 7 am – 2pm) and at Soderno (Sat, 6pm – 3am), it was very challenging for me to visit logistically so the longing continued until I received an email from one of the owners of Big Daddy Jay’s. They have now opened their own restaurant at Cubao! We visited around mid May and had a full rack of smoked ribs while also trying out their other dishes. Glad to see that my family enjoyed it despite the long travel time.

2014 – The return of the full rack

A few months later, we returned again to Big Daddy Jay’s to savor the smoked ribs! It was just Jessa and I, vs one full rack and one two cups of rice. We were defeated as try as we want, we weren’t able to finish the whole rack.

Meet the Smoked All American BBQ Ribs!

Big Daddy Jay’s Original Smoked Ribs – Full Rack 880, Half 450 , Solo Plate 180

Big Daddy Jay's Original Smoked Ribs - Full Rack

Big Daddy Jay's Original Smoked Ribs - Full Rack

Big Daddy Jay's Original Smoked Ribs - Slice

The first thing I want to say to first timers trying this out would be, don’t judge the ribs by its burnt looking exterior as that would be a big mistake. The burnt exterior is just an after effect of the smoking it had to go through which you can easily avoid eating. A full rack has eight thick cuts and comes with a spicy sauce which in my opinion is optional to enjoy it.

The ribs were so soft and tender that you wouldn’t have any problems slicing through it. It just explodes with flavor as you chew through the meat. Do note that it has generous amounts of fat so if you care for your health, better scrape it off or … just tell yourself, Just Today! Just Today! and dig in! I really enjoyed eating this that I had to control myself; those cups of rice were getting devoured fast and we still had more ribs left.

Definitely, a must visit to all rib lovers out there especially to those near Cubao!

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Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ
61-B 17th Ave
Cubao, Quezon City
(0917) 300-8435


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  1. Easily one of the best ribs I’ve tried in Manila. :)

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