Bistro Casanova Order All You Can

Bistro Casanova Order All You Can

Bistro Casanova

Thanks to Beeconomic / Groupon ; we were able to try out this deal.

EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN! Up to 70% off on Order-All-You-Can Italian Cuisine at Bistro Casanova, Fort Bonifacio

As part of our 1 year anniversary celebration, Jessa and I availed of this deal. It isn’t a buffet but the clause order-all-you-can comes close. We made our reservation to the restaurant, went there early and I’m glad we did. They were full a few minutes after we arrived and it’s because they just have a small space to cater to customers. For voucher holders, they have a separate menu for you to order from and their rule is simple, “no sharing”.

Bistro Casanova Deal Menu 1 | Bistro Casanova Deal Menu 2

That’s a weird rule. We both availed of the deal so why can’t we share what we ordered? It was very disappointing because we wanted to try out each other’s order yet the rules bar us so. A customer tried to complain to the waiter but he doesn’t know why such a rule is in place yet he will stick to it. However, something happened that changed the waiter’s views. More on that later as let’s focus for now on the food.

Bistro Casanova Alla Bolognese

Alla Bolognese (Angel Hair)

Bistro Casanova Alla Formaggi

Alla Formaggi (Penne)

Bistro Casanova Risotto di Mare

Risotto di Mare w/ seafood in tomato sauce

Bistro Casanova Petti di pollo Al Pesto

Petti di pollo Al Pesto (chicken breast)

Bistro Casanova Quatro Stagionni Pizza

Quatro Stagionni Pizza

A pizza sampler with four flavors.

  • Boscaiola – ham and mushroom – had the most common taste
  • Napoli – anchovies – Spicy!
  • Frutti di Mare – pepperoni?
  • Casanova – parma ham – a big slab of hard to chew ham

Bistro Casanova Panna Cota

Panna Cota

The food was ok. We didn’t like the chicken breast as it was bland and I had a hard time finishing the formaggi (should have ordered a different pasta). I mentioned that I’m glad we came early because the other customers had their patience tested as they had to wait very long for their orders to arrive (30 – 45 minutes). They also were serving it based on who ordered first (lucky us). In the end, the waiter said that sharing is now allowed but too bad we were already done with our meal. Was it a good deal? Well, if we check their prices then you can say that but with their regular price, I’d rather eat at a buffet instead.

Lah Bistro Casanova

So that end’s our anniversary lunch but don’t go just yet. Breakfast and dinner will be coming! (weird order eh?)

Lah Anniversary Meal TimeLine

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

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Bistro Casanova

GF Kensington Place, 1st Avenue, Burgos Circle
Taguig 1630



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  1. their no sharing policy is really weird.. Good thing they allowed it already.. not for us though cause I had to finish the rolled pizza antipasti all by myself.. haha! :)

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