Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Cafe Prime Beef Steak

Black Canyon Cafe Prime Beef Steak – PHP 356

Black Canyon Cafe; a local hit from Thailand has sailed to our shores to serve us their famous Pad Thai and an array of drinks and meals for the casual office peeps like me.

Let me tell you something. I have a goal! I want to try out all the restaurants near our office at Mckinley Hill! If budget permits, I’ll dine out on a daily basis but …. oh well.

So going back to Black Canyon Cafe; we sat at the couches nearest the entrance and made our orders (where later we would find out that these couches are for those who order only drinks thus we had a hard time making our orders fit in the table).

Black Canyon Pad Thai

Black Canyon Pad Thai – PHP 232

We started with their Pad Thai (where boldly claimed as the winner of Pad Thai World Championship). Although on our visit, we didn’t get the champion recipe as they were out of shrimp so they offered to use chicken instead (still same price though). I do have to admit that I’m not too familiar with how pad thai should taste. The pad thai just had the right amount of sweet and spicy kick to make it enjoyable to eat (without the burning sensation).

Black Canyon Cafe Prime Beef Steak

Black Canyon Cafe Prime Beef Steak – PHP 356

Next up would be the Prime beef steak topped with mushroom pepper sauce. It comes with a generous amount of fries and salad. The steak was cooked medium well, nearing well-done, so you wouldn’t see anything pink inside but it was still soft enough to slice through. I enjoyed the steak and would have wanted to have it go with mashed potatoes instead of fries.

Black Canyon Fried Fish with Katsu Fried Rice

Black Canyon Fried Fish with Katsu Fried Rice – PHP 238

Lastly, we had the fried fish with katsu fried rice which to be honest was disappointing in the serving size. We have two pieces of burger patty shaped fish fillets, a leaf or half of lettuce and a trapezoid shaped rice. It was my first time eating fish katsu and the first time where the katsu sauce had mayo. Just up the serving size and it would be perfect!

Black Canyon Cafe is just the first of the line of restaurants waiting for our visit at Tuscany Estates, Mckinley Hill. I plan to go back to Black Canyon Cafe to try out their drinks menu soon.

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Black Canyon Coffee
McKinley Hill
G/F Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 949-2026


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