Bonchon Chicken Honey Citrus

Bonchon Chicken Honey Citrus

Bonchon Chicken Honey Citrus with Soy Garlic

Bonchon Chicken Honey Citrus with Soy Garlic – PHP 155

For years, it has been spicy or soy garlic for Bonchon but lately, we have tried their new variant called “honey citrus” (drumstick in above pic). Instantly, I feel in love with in and I now have a new preference at Bon Chon. I’d still skip the spicy variant and it made soy garlic (drumstick in background in the same pic) boring. The honey citrus was sweet with a hint of sourness.

Although I still had similar sentiments where the flavor is only skin deep. My workaround for this is to partition the skin with the meat so that every spoonful has a piece of both.

We also tried a few more dishes

Bonchon Bulgogi Noodle Soup

Bonchon Bulgogi Noodle Soup – PHP 60

This tasted like jap chae in a sweet soup. I found it too sweet to enjoy on its own so I paired it with rice. It does have strips of beef on it but don’t expect a lot.

Bonchon Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi

Bonchon Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi – PHP 135

To those who want to have a break with the usual thigh, leg or wing combo at Bon Chon; you can have a go of their Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi. Two pieces of chicken fillet marinated in a sweet sauce (bulgogi). The first time I tried this, I had to order extra chicken as the normal serving isn’t enough for me.

Bonchon Strawberry Choco Crispy Crepe

Bonchon Strawberry Choco Crispy Crepe – PHP 60

Lastly, for dessert, we tried their crepes. Sadly, this wasn’t what we expected. Inside the crepe is a flavored cream similar to Bavarian cream. Since we had the strawberry crepe, it tasted like a crunchy strawberry flavored Bavarian.

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Bonchon Chicken
The Venice Piazza
2/F The Venice Piazza, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig

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