BPI Credit Card Promo

BPI Credit Card Promo

BPI Jollibee Credit Card Promo

BPI Jollibee Credit Card Promo

Last Updated: December 28, 2016

Promo period is from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017

Redemption is until April 1 , 2017

To qualify, principal cardholder should use any of the qualified BPI Express Credit card within the promo period for a minimum of P3,000 single receipt regular/straight transaction at any merchant. All regular/straight transactions are qualified.

What you can Redeem

  • 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Spaghetti OR
  • 1 Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum with Regular Fries and Regular Softdrinks

How To Redeem

Every time you reach the threshold for the promo; you would receive a coupon either via SMS or email. Just show this to the participating outlet to avail. They will need to verify it against a central database to ensure that the coupon is only used once regardless of store location. This is to avoid duplicate claimants.

Important to Note about your Registration to the Promo:

As of April 2015,

Register ONCE for FREE starting April 1, 2015!

This means that once you have this step, you won’t need to register every time there’s a promo. You would automatically be notified via email or sms that you have been registered automatically for the duration of the promo.

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9 thoughts on “BPI Credit Card Promo

  1. Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay says:

    Thank God! It’s back! I’d love to dine for free specially after shopping!

  2. I wish BDO credit cards has a similar promo like this!

  3. Nice Promo. Hope this promo be available to other resto.

    • Usually BPI switches their redemption promos every 3 months (e.g. Jollibee, Chow King, KFC and the trio of Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell). But they do have other restaurant promos for their other credit cards such as BPI Gold.

  4. Hope i can have bpi credit card!

  5. I love my bpicredit card

  6. I’ve sent lots of text messages just to redeem the meals but never been approved and it takes days before you receive the reply. Why not bring back the way of just presenting the receipt to Jollibee and right away you can have your meal and it’s hassle free.

  7. How to redeem

  8. Samuelmaniaul says:

    no reply untill now

So what can you say? :)