BPI Pizza Hut Free Meal at 3000

BPI Pizza Hut Free Meal at 3000

June 22, 2010

Last Friday, Patrick, Arvin and I went to Glorietta carrying our free meal food stub or better known as a receipt worth PHP3000 paid using our BPI credit card to get a free meal from Pizza Hut courtesy of the BPI Pizza Hut Promo. For the redemption (free meal) of receipts worth PHP 3000, your choices will be a Spaghetti Bolognese (PHP155) or a Fettuccini Ala King (PHP 139).

I opted for the Spagetti Bolognese because it has a higher value than the other choice, Fettuccini. However, for others, you may want to pick which sauce do you want, “Red Sauce” or “White Sauce”. However, I did not regret my choice because I liked the taste and I learned something new about the meatballs in Spaghetti. They should be eaten with the pasta together else you won’t appreciate its taste. What I did was to eat the pasta first, then the meatballs then the garlic bread. I was wondering why does the meatballs have this very strong flavor and I was advised I should eat it together with the pasta. Well, that should be something I should try on my next redemption.

Patrick did not have a receipt so he ordered Chicken Tenders. I also added a Chocolate Milk Shake to my order. I made a mental lapse and thought that it should like the one from Shakey’s but I was wrong lol. It was nothing special and pricey for the price of PHP99 and here you go, the pictures.

Soon, the 1500 and the 7000 so that I can complete the BPI Pizza Hut Promo Collection.

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