Brazil Brazil Churrasco Lunch

Brazil Brazil Churrasco Lunch

Brazil Brazil

I was informed by my sister that we will be having lunch at Brazil Brazil. They were going to claim the deal they availed from Metrodeal while we were going to eat at the buffet.

Brazil Brazil Churrasco Feast

Discover the Delicious World of Brazil Brazil with a Churrasco Feast for 2 Persons with 2 Iced Teas for P770 instead of P1440

Brazil Brazil Churrasco Feast 2

We found out that this deal wasn’t really a “good deal” as you will only be availing of the Brazil Brazil Churrasco Feast (set meal) that would cost nearly the same (counting the original prize) if you went with the buffet. The Churrasco Feast had meat slices on top with rice at the bottom. I would assume two slices of each of their grilled meat.

As for the rest of us, we went with the buffet. You can start your buffet by eating some non-meat choices such as chicken, vegetables, salad, and other dishes that were on self service (similar to any type of buffet) … or you can just sit at your table and wait for the meat to be served at your table one by one.


I wasn’t able to get clear shots because it was shaking while the waitress was slicing it. But basically, this was their concept. They would continuously grill meat and take turns going to your table to give you some meat slices.

Brazil Brazil Grill

We started with pork shoulders, followed by pork belly, chicken, beef tenders, beef brisket, cuttle fish, then by some fruits such as bananas and pineapples. It was delicious! I liked the pork shoulders and beef tenders best! The bananas were so-so but the pineapples were very sweet that we would have eaten more if we were given more.

My only complaint was the slow serving time. The first time I ate in Brazil Brazil (2 yrs ago with office mates), we had to ask the servers to pause because we couldn’t eat as fast as they were serving us. Now, it was different because the meat would already be in our stomachs before the next slice came. We were thinking that they had favoritism and they would come back more often to those near the grilling station (less walking time for them). In fact, sometimes we had to call for their attention. Well, I guess that’s what you can expect on a “rush hour” such as lunch in restaurants and Brazil Brazil was no exception.

Brazil Brazil Meat

I still managed enjoyed my lunch as a certified meat lover! As for their prizes, here they are.

  • Monday to Thursday – PHP 628
  • Friday to Sunday – PHP 777

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Brazil Brazil, Serendra
The Piazza, One Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-0671


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  1. Rica Rodriguez says:

    Your blog says it all. This simply looks very delish, and tempting. I would love to their Churrasco feast one of these days! :D

So what can you say? :)