Breakfast Buffet at Taza Fresh Table

Breakfast Buffet at Taza Fresh Table

Taza Fresh Table - Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

We had a night to remember during our dinner at Taza Fresh Table. However, that wasn’t the end of it as they also offer a breakfast buffet for those who want to start their day right.

The buffet set-up was simple and not as long as you would usually see in hotels. They had bacon, assorted cheeses, cold cuts, pasta, bread with organic jams, fruits, and last but not the least, bacon. Did I just say bacon again? Well, it is usually in breakfast buffets where you can eat all the bacon that you can imagine so forgive my healthy choices.

However, the highlight of the breakfast buffet would not be on the set-up that you can see but on the made-to-order dishes such as…

Taza Fresh Table - Omelette

Egg Omelette

Starting with the omelette…  …. …..

Taza Fresh Table - Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Well, hello Eggs Benedict! This was my first time to try it out and I really loved how the yolk just flows. It comes in two variants; smoked ham or chicken. Very yummy and filling!

Taza Fresh Table - Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

We also tried their version of the buttermilk fried chicken. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as exciting as the other dishes. It was mostly breading with a few chicken meat in between.

Taza Fresh Table - Homemade Smoked Bacon

Homemade Smoked Bacon

However, their smoked bacon is something that you shouldn’t miss. Again, forgive me for my healthy choices but this is a must order. Two slabs of pork belly; glazed then smoked to deliciousness. It was juicy, tender and should be ordered again.

Taza Fresh Table - Alfonso Hot Chocolate

Alfonso Hot Chocolate

Lastly, we also tried the hot chocolate which was a good way to jump-start your morning. It was simply chocolatey with a slight bitter taste. I had to order several refills because it was simply disappearing from my cup. Probably drank by goblins!

Once again, a breakfast to remember at Taza Fresh Table. With their fresh ingredients comes delicious food that started our day right. Breakfast was served!

PS: If you still have room or if you want; you can start with the bread and their delicious organic jams. The jams tasted like literally crushed fruits such as pineapple and watermelon. Ohh and the greek yogurt with fresh honey shouldn’t be missed too!

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Tāza Fresh Table

Taal Vista Hotel
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120

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