Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen

Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen 

Rustique's Kitchen Freshly Baked Bread

Rustique’s Kitchen Freshly Baked Bread for our appetizers

A new restaurant has opened at Makati and it is the alliance between Chef Bruce Lim and businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco. This marks the first time I had tried Chef Bruce’s cooking as I wasn’t able to try out his previous restaurants which from what I heard were closed already.

So what can we expect from Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen? From my sneak peek at the menu; one can expect our casual and loved Filipino dishes each with their own modern twist. The modern twist is an important factor for me when dining in Filipino cuisine restaurants as that is what distinguishes between what we can cook at home and the experience of dining at a restaurant.

Let’s start dinner! Actually… dinner already started prior to me arriving so I missed a few of the dishes that were introduced first like Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Jam, Caesar Salad, and Lapu-Lapu Ceviche. I did see the three in our table but I was shy to try out the first one (my bad) but I didn’t shy away from the Caesar Salad and the Lapu-Lapu Ceviche (think of this as kinilaw with fried danggit on top.. where’s my garlic rice?!).


Rustique's Kitchen Beef Steak Pasta

Rustique’s Kitchen Beef Steak Pasta – PHP 390
Grilled steak with spaghetti tossed in a creamy citrus sauce topped with caramelized onions and fried shallots served with sautéed mushrooms.

Our only pasta dish for the night but it was a great choice! Pasta in a creamy sauce with delicious sliced beef! This is a meal on it’s own!


Rustique's Kitchen Ldb and Duxelle

Rustique’s Kitchen Ldb and Duxelle – PHP 435
Slow braised ox tongue serve en croute with mushroom duxelle accompanied with caramelized onion cream sauce.

It was like a very creamy soup that reminds me of corn and egg soup with hints of fish. I initially thought this was fish due to the softness as I had no idea that this had ox tongue until I read the description.

Rustique's Kitchen Fish Market2

Rustique's Kitchen Fish Market

Rustique’s Kitchen Fish Market – PHP 550
Playful look at dried fish and fresh lapu-lapu baked in a lemongrass marinara.

In this dish, we had three kinds of fish! Fried danggit, lapu-lapu and anchovies (or dilis). That reminds me.. I wasn’t able to try this dish! Why? What was I doing when this was on our table? Another loss for me.

Rustique's Kitchen Grilled Ribeye Steak

Rustique’s Kitchen Grilled Ribeye Steak – PHP 945
Grilled USDA Beef rib eye topped with fried onions and cheese and served with a tangy cream sauce and potato pave.

Steak cooked medium-rare or medium as I saw a lot of pink parts upon slicing through the steak. It was very soft and easy to chew! It does come with a gravy but who needs that when the flavor is already in the steak?

Rustique's Kitchen Tortang Talong

Rustique’s Kitchen Tortang Talong – PHP 150
Sauteed pork with egg and topped with salted egg

Rustique's Kitchen Sizzling Ox-Tail Kare-Kare

Rustique’s Kitchen Sizzling Ox-Tail Kare-Kare – PHP 550
Simmered in peanut sauce served on hot plate with tripe salad and
fried rice cakes

This is a deconstructed kare-kare with all the ingredients separate from each other. I only tried the beef and . it was fork tender! The peanut sauce was light so it didn’t demand extra rice to go with it.

New dishes

I couldn’t find them in their menu so I’m just calling them their new dishes.

Rustique's Kitchen Pata Fritters

Rustique’s Kitchen Pata Fritters

Mini pata balls anyone? Not just ordinary ground pork but shredded crispy pata turned into balls! Was wondering if it goes with a dip?

Rustique's Kitchen Baked Salmon Slab

Rustique’s Kitchen Baked Salmon Slab

This salmon is huge! A huge chunk has already been eaten before it was passed to us but it is still big enough to serve an additional 3-4 persons! The size if you ask? 1 Kilo! It was said to be under-cooked thus the very soft and the melt in your mouth texture. It was like eating bangus belly in terms of softness.

Sucre (or desserts maybe?)

Rustique's Kitchen Warm Chocolate Tart

Rustique’s Kitchen Warm Chocolate Tart – PHP 250
Warm Chocolate tart with strawberries and cream

Rustique's Kitchen Quesong Puti Cheesecake

Rustique’s Kitchen Quesong Puti Cheesecake – PHP 250
Classic Baked Cheesecake bruleed and dressed with macerated mangoes and strawberries

Rustique's Kitchen Signature Buko Pie

Rustique’s Kitchen Signature Buko Pie – PHP 150
Warm buko pie served in a glass

From what I’ve read, the signature buko pie is one of the best sellers from his former restaurant (Chef’s table) and it even won the Ultimate Taste Test # 22 back in 2011. When I was first saw this; I was wondering what it was and only when I tasted it that it dawned on me. Buko pie.. but in a glass? What? Warm, creamy, sweet with hints of crunchiness at the top and bottom. Very delicious and unique!

With dishes like these; you would be wondering why the previous restaurants of Chef Bruce closed down but it was more of timing rather than taste. Because if we simply based from taste, these dishes are clear winners in my book!

Disclosure: Rustique’s Kitchen paid for our meal

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Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen 

Leelin Building II, 820 Arnaiz Ave ( Formerly Pasay Rd ) Makati City

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