B&T Mexican Kitchen

B&T Mexican Kitchen

B&T Mexican Kitchen

I’m a newbie in terms of Mexican Cuisine. Aside from my only Mexican Cuisine blog post, the other restaurant that I have tried would be Army Navy. In terms of their food, I’m familiar with Tacos, Burritos and Quesadillas to name a few but here at B&T Mexican Kitchen; it showed me that there’s more to that! That’s only three (3) out of their eighteen (18) dishes available and you can further multiply it with the meat that you want to add (e.g. pork, beef, chicken, seafood etc).

Basically, ordering at B&T Mexican Kitchen goes like this.

Step 1 – Choose your meat – they have steak, lamb, different kinds of cooking pork, beef and chicken and ox, fish, shrimp, and even veggies for vegetarians.

Step 2 – Where do you want to put your meat? Remember the 18 dishes I mentioned above? Well, choose from that. Gladly, their menu has a description of what each dish means so it will make your life easier. Also, you can simply ask the waiters as they would gladly explain it to you.

Step 3 – What size? (Optional) – You can either go solo (which can be shared by two) or go for the normal size (which can be shared by two to three persons).

After ordering, you can proceed to the counter to see them create your orders. It’s like seeing how Subway makes their sandwiches.

Mexican Kitchen - Burritos Unopened


Mexican Kitchen - Burritos - Chili Con Carne

Mexican Kitchen – Burritos – Chili Con Carne – PHP 245

Here’s our Burrito with Chili Con Carne. Gladly it wasn’t so hot as expected. It had generous amounts of veggies and rice; with hints of the Chili con carne on top. Very filling I must say!

Mexican Kitchen - Fish Taco

Mexican Kitchen – Fish Taco – PHP 135

Can you find nemo in the picture? It tastes like your ordinary taco with a very cheesy shredded cheese. It really stood out and there was no trace of that cheese after we were done with it.

Mexican Kitchen - Quesadilla - Alpastor

Mexican Kitchen – Quesadilla – Alpastor – PHP 245

Quesadillas has been one of my favorite Mexican Dishes. It is light on the stomach yet very fulfilling especially if the filling is delicious. Al Pastor meant Pork BBQ and in here, it was shredded pork with BBQ sauce. The sauce gave it a sweet taste which wasn’t too strong thanks to the tortilla countering it. Guess what… inside, you can again taste the same cheese that we loved in the taco in its melted version.

A filling dinner thanks to B&T Mexican Kitchen. I’d love to try out their other dishes soon! Also, just a tip; if you can try to order the normal size instead of the solo. You will need to shell out around PHP 100 to PHP 150 more but the size difference makes up for it.

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B&T Mexican Kitchen
McKinley Hill
Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(0917) 896-9939

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  1. There’s a branch near my office. I should try here soon. :)

  2. malapit din ito sa office namin though my first try of it meju nagfail so i’m still giving them a couple of chances before i rite about them :)

  3. Cedric Paul Alberto says:

    You should try Ristras, they have a branch at The Fort too. Their servings are quite generous.

  4. Finally!!! Another option for burritos besides Army Navy. Thanks for this information. I will definitely try this one out when I visit McKinley :)

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