Buffet 101 Selections

Buffet 101 Selections

Buffet 101

We ate at Buffet 101 for my birthday celebration (last year, it was at King One). You need to make a reservation to ensure that you get a slot however it is very easy to make a reservation. You can contact them via Facebook, phone or text messages and they would even send a follow-up the night before to reconfirm your reservation.

So before we charge in, let’s check out their prices first.

Buffet 101 Buffet Price

Buffet 101 Buffet Prices:

Mon to Fri (Lunch) PHP 699
Mon to Fri (Lunch) PHP 950
Sat (Lunch) PHP 799
Sat (Dinner), Sun and Holidays PHP 1050
Kids Below 4.5 Ft PHP 499
Kids Below 3.5 Ft FREE
Left Over Price PHP 1350

So now let’s see what do they have…(I will cut this post into two)

Buffet 101 Dimsum

Buffet 101 Dimsum 2

Buffet 101 Noodles

Buffet 101 Hainanese Chicken

First up in the edge would be the Chinese cuisine area. Satisfy your cravings with dimsum, dumplings, Hainanese chicken, noodles and live suahe (shrimps).

Buffet 101 Sushi

Buffet 101 Sashimi

Now let’s proceed to the Japanese Cuisine area where you can have your fill with tempura, sushi and sashimi. Watch out for their Ebi (shrimp) tempura as it gets emptied out as soon as it gets refilled.

Buffet 101 Leg of Lamb

Buffet 101 Roast Prime Rib

Moving a bit further, we will come into the roast carving section where I will make a lot of visits. You will see leg of lamb and prime rib ready to be carved in front of you but you can also request for pork chop, angus strip loin to be delivered to your tables. They also have yummy pork ribs to distract you for a while.

Buffet 101 Grilled Seafood

But if you want seafood, they also have a grilled seafood section where you just pick what you want, they will grill it and deliver it to your table. (Sadly, they only grill so I say good bye to butter-garlic shrimp or baked oysters/mussels).

Update: Baked oysters can be found in the buffet.

Buffet 101 Appetizers

Buffet 101 Cold Cuts

Buffet 101 Salad

Buffet 101 Salad 2

Buffet 101 Salad Servings

Oh wait! Why are we on the main course when we haven’t shown the appetizers yet. They do have appetizers/side dishes from different nations for you to choose from although I’m only familiar with Kimchi. Cold cuts are also available and of course, salad. You can either create your own salad or just pick a prepared salad in a little bowl. Bread is also available.

That’s it for now, go grab a drink for they also offer unlimited drinks while waiting for part 2 of my post on Buffet 101 Selections.

Table of Contents

Buffet Selections 1 | Buffet Selections 2 | Actual Buffet

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Buffet 101, San Miguel by the Bay
San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Seaside Blvd
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-2888

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