Buffet 101 Selections Part 2

Buffet 101 Selections Part 2

Buffet 101

Here we are at part two… so what does Buffet 101 still have that I haven’t posted in part 1? As I browse through my pictures, I see a few viands/dishes but most of them are desserts. Desserts in a buffet usually gets a lot of pictures from me because of their presentation and they are generally nice to look at. Although in buffet 101, most of their desserts are enclosed so I couldn’t get macro shots.

Buffet 101 Soup

Let’s start with the soup.

Buffet 101 Paella

Buffet 101 Crab

I do see a lot of seafood dishes at Buffet 101 (e.g. crab, seafood paella) but if meat is your thing, you can either go with their carving station or try their Filipino dishes that includes pata tim, liempo and many more.

Buffet 101 Viands

Here’s a few more dishes that you might like. Baked Crab Shell with Cheese Mash Potato (why o why did they use mashed potato? I wanted crab meat on that), Baked Pork Salad Tortillos Roll (such a long name for a bite-size dish) and Baked Rosemary chicken (Roast chicken yum!)

Buffet 101 Pizza

Buffet 101 Spaghetti

Buffet 101 also offers pizza and pasta but you only get one choice. The spaghetti that is shaped like a meatball and Hawaiian Pizza.

Buffet 101 Crepe Station

Buffet 101 Waffle Station

So now, here were are the desserts. You can request for crepes and waffles

Buffet 101 Desserts Ice Cream Toppings

or you can go with ice cream or their fondue.

Buffet 101 Desserts

Buffet 101 Desserts 2

Buffet 101 Desserts 3

Buffet 101 Desserts 4

or you can take your pick from different panna cottas, jelly, cakes and many more.

Buffet 101 Pearl Milk Tea

To help you digest what you ate, you can order their Pearl Milk Tea (available only on weekends).

So that’s it for now! I hope you made your choices on what to attack when you’ll be visiting buffet 101 because on my next post, I’ll show you what we attacked!

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Buffet 101, San Miguel by the Bay
San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Seaside Blvd
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 556-2888

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