Bugong Roast Chicken Meal

Bugong Roast Chicken Meal

Bugong Roast Chicken

August 25, 2010

Have you heard of Bugong Roast Chicken? It is a food place that offers delicious Roasted Chicken. It is a simple place with limited seats so I suggest that you avoid dining in and just settle for take out. Usually we do order take outs, but in some moments of my emo-state, I would simply site in one of their chairs and start enjoying my meal (chicken thigh part yum yum) and it will lift my mood up!

Mini Trivia

Bugong came from Los Banos (remember the Carabao Milk?). The recipe is an invention of the people in UPLB. (Shiela Data)

The Take Out Box

Bugong Roast Chicken Meal – PHP75.00

This is the main dish for Bugong which is their Roast Chicken (LoL). You may order different types of rice (thai, kimchi, garlic and chives) but for me, plain rice is already Ok. For the price of only PHP75 for a quarter chicken meal, I can say that this is a very nice deal! You get a very nice aroma from the herbs they used on the chicken and the chicken meat is very tender and delicious. I would also suggest that you add more rice as I’m sure you will need more.

So far here in Makati, they are usually located in Car Parks but don’t let that turn you off as you might miss a great meal.

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Locations in Makati

Bugong Roast Chicken
Dela Rosa Carpark 1
(63 2) 840-2195

Valero 2 Carpark
(63 2) 892-1256

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  1. i like their chicken!

  2. Me too! I like the vege salad! :) Satisfying!

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So what can you say? :)