Bulgogi Brothers Dinner

Bulgogi Brothers Dinner

Bulgogi Brothers

I would call this a Bistro Group Weekend as we ate at Bistro Group restaurants for two consecutive nights. The first one was at Krazy Garlik and now we have Bulgogi Brothers. We were supposed to eat at Bulgogi Brothers first but failed due to a very long waiting list. On the next day, I made a reservation but it still took long that we were already heading for another restaurant when they called me on my mobile to say that our turn is up so here we are…

Bulgogi Brothers doesn’t differ much from the setup that I have seen in other Korean Restaurants. They have a grill in front of you so that you can cook and enjoy authentic Korean BBQ. But of course, knowing Bistro Group, think of this as more of a fine dining upgrade.

Bulgogi Brothers Appetizers

We started our meal with some refillable banchan (kimchi and veggies) with corn, quail eggs and potato (was it to add dishes more familiar to Filipinos?).

Bulgogi Brothers Janchi Guksu

We were also served with soup, Janchi-Guksu, for free thanks to the The Bistro Card my sister has. It’s noodles with seafood and veggies.

Bulgogi Brothers Sogogi Japchae

Bulgogi Brothers Sogogi Japchae – PHP 350

Before we start with the BBQ, let’s have their Japchae first. Loaded with beef, veggies and the chewy white thing that I can’t identify, it was delicious although the serving size was not enough for a hungry family.

Now let’s move on to the BBQ! In their menu, I noticed that each dish has a suggested drink  for you to order that goes best with that dish. Please note that you can ask the waiter to cook the food for you and by default, they would do it on your behalf.

Bulgogi Brothers Special Uncooked

Bulgogi Brothers Special – PHP 1495

The Bulgogi Brothers Special is made up of two separate dishes which you can also order individually ; Unyang Style Bulgogi and Gwangyang Style Bulgogi.

Bulgogi Brothers Unyang Style Bulgogi

Unyang Style Bulgogi

Heart Shaped Beef Patties! Juicy, soft and tasty beef patties that you can slice it with your tongue. I’d like to see this into a burger as I’m sure it would taste great!

Bulgogi Brothers Gwangyang Style Bulgogi Cooking

Bulgogi Brothers Gwangyang Style Bulgogi

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi

The Gwangyang Style (reminds me of Gangnam style… inserts horse dance here) reminds me of the beef toppings where thin slices of beef are used. It doesn’t have much fat in it (which was a good thing) and has this mildly sweet flavor which won’t over power the beef taste.

Bulgogi Brothers Premium Boneless Shortribs

Bulgogi Brothers Premium Boneless Short ribs – PHP 895

When they called it premium, they weren’t joking as this was high class delicious! Too bad this was for sharing because I believe I can finish all of it by myself. You must try this if you decide to visit.

Bulgogi Brothers serves delicious food but at premium price as expected from Korean cuisine but don’t let the price tag scare as the experience would be worth it.

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Bulgogi Brothers
Greenbelt 5
3/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 621-6216

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  1. Bistro Group restos tend to be really pricey. I hope I’d get to try Bulgogi Brothers though. :)

  2. hoping to try this place soon.heard they serve spinach salad for free as well.

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