Burger King Introduces the Burger Stacks

Burger King Introduces the Burger Stacks

Burger King - BK Stacks

Burger King has been one of my movie meals thanks to their strategic location at Glorietta 4 Cinemas. Aside from their location, I consider their whopper value meals as bang for the buck. Recently they have launched something new which they call the BK Stacks. It comes in four sizes where the size corresponds the number of patties in your burger. Warm-up with the “dude“, feel at home with the “boss“, go a little bit further with the “chief” and overload yourself with the “king“.

In between the burger patties would be a slice of cheese (that I really hope melts and retains the cheesiness) and sitting on the top would be slabs i mean, strips of bacon. I haven’t tried the BK stacks yet so I can’t do a proper review (something for the future).

In the meantime, check out the recent event (sadly I wasn’t able to go) by Burger King called “Battle of the Stacks King” where several burger lovers had to chomp down the most King BK Stacks in 15 minutes. Winner received PHP 50,000 in cash and gained the title of “BK Stacks King”. The winner was able to defeat four King BK Stacks in 15 minutes! Congratulations to the Burger Slayer, Edward Garcia.



Been able to try a few of them stacks lately…

Burger King Stacks Boss and Dude

I present to you the BK Stacks Boss (double patty) and Dude (single patty). You can definitely notice a slight height difference which can be explained by the extra layer.

Burger King Stacks - Dude

BK Stacks Dude

Bacon, check! Cheese, check! Patty, check!

Burger King Stacks - Boss

BK Stacks Boss

Hmm so the boss has two patties but still one layer of cheese? That would mean that the chief would have two and the king will have three; it is clearly shown in their pictures but I was under the impression that we would have the same number of cheese slices per patty. My bad. ..

Here’s what I think about the BK stacks so far:

  • there’s no change in taste for their patties; it tastes the same as their other burgers and still juicy
  • the bacon was crispy/crunchy with a hint of saltiness. there was enough strips to cover the top so I have no complaints about it…
  • the cheese.. the cheese melted the way I want it.
  • Now there’s something inside the patty that I liked. It is like a mustard/cheese spread that really explodes with flavor with every bite. It is different from your ketchup/mayo combo but definitely better. This differentiates the BK stacks from their other burgers!

Can’t wait to try out the chief and the king soon!

Update – here comes the King!

Burger King Stacks - King

Just had a taste of the King of Burger Stacks! It was really a challenge to finish this burger and I had to pause midway so that I can catch my breath. I’m really amazed at those who were able to consume this huge burger in 15 minutes (make that 4 for the burger slayer).

Till next time,


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7 thoughts on “Burger King Introduces the Burger Stacks

  1. laki ng burger,busog ka agad dito

  2. maricris abarabar says:

    the best ang burger dito sa Burger King worth ang pera mo …

  3. I missed to join this one but I vow to join if they have a part 2. I need to practice my eating technique to have a competitive finish time.

  4. I’m a big eater burger and I want to try this, the “CHIEF” one!

  5. i’d love to taste those burgers! Really looks yummy!!! >.<

  6. i can only eat the boss. Wow! that man is so lucky.

  7. Jim Philip Ayao says:

    tamang tama sa big tummy ko ung king oh. hahahha

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