Burgoo at Starmall Prima Taguig

Burgoo at Starmall Prima Taguig


Starmall Prima Taguig has recently opened and new restaurants have been popping out. We thought we can already go strolling around the mall but the actual mall hasn’t opened yet. Only Allhome is fully functional and the restaurants beside it. As we were passing by Burgoo, we were given a coupon for a free serving of their Boneless Buffalo Chicken for a minimum purchase (where main entree you order at Burgoo will hit that minimum).

It was a great way to bait new customers and we were not exempted from that bait… so we dined here.

Burgoo Boneless Buffalo Chicken

Burgoo Boneless Buffalo Chicken – PHP 325 (Regular) / 475 (Large)
Chicken tenderloin seasoned with herbs and spices, deep fried till golden and tossed with spicy buffalo sauce. Served with crunchy celery sticks.

For something that they give away for free, this was a winner! We opted not to get the very spicy variant so ours only had a minimal spicy kick that was easily countered by their bleu cheese dip. I wish I could horde all those coupons!

Burgoo Pizza Sampler

Burgoo Pizza Sampler – PHP 475
Combination of four different flavors of your choice

Can’t decide on which pizza to try? Burgoo offers their Pizza Sampler where you can have four flavors in one pizza. I initially thought we can really pick the flavors but they already have default choices so you can just pick either sampler 1 or 2 (our choice).

The Pizza Sampler 2 contains the following flavors:

  • Hawaiian – common pizza flavor
  • Taco Mexicano – Taco ingredients on top of a pizza dough (I enjoyed this one because if you just eat without looking; you would really feel like eating a taco but with bread)
  • Frutte de Mare – Seafood with a lot of onions and bellpeppers (least favorite)
  • Meatza – Meat with tomatoes
Burgoo Fudge Brownie Ala Mode

Burgoo Fudge Brownie Ala Mode – PHP 195

For dessert, we had the Fudge Brownie Ala Mode where we were expecting a hot and cold sensation. This was huge that we had a hard time finishing it. It was ok for us but it could really help if their brownie was moist / warm (and not hard) so that we can really enjoy it with the ice cream. However, that’s our expectation for a lava cake which this wasn’t.

Burgoo still has more interesting dishes on their menu so I hope we can again get a coupon. *smirk*

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