C2 Signature Series Dinner

C2 Classic Cuisine Signature Series Dinner

C2 Classic Cuisine

Ever since I tried C2’s dishes at the Appetite Restaurant Festival (yum yum tilapia and durian brulee), it was on my list of restaurants to dine in. I was lucky because I was given a voucher to try out their C2 Signature Dishes.

We went to the Katipunan branch and we had a hard time looking for it because in the address written, the restaurant Cravings was being listed and not C2. We would then find out that they share the same place. It reminded me of Dad’s, Saisaiki, Kamayan because they have different names, different menus but the same location.

We were trying to decide which set we will get and at the end, set two won.

C2 Tatlong Ensalada

Tatlong Ensalada

This contains eggplant, green mango and salted egg. The only dish I didn’t enjoy :). Among the three, I only know how to eat the eggplant and to my surprise, it was super sour that I forced myself to finish my share.

C2 Sizzling Bangus

Sizzling Bangus Belly

I thought we would be getting a small serving because the belly in bangus was just a small part but we were given a nice good-for-sharing serving. Aside from the twist of adding mayo-like lemon sauce, and chopped onion leaves, it tasted like normal fried bangus.

C2 Crispy Kare Kare C2 Crispy Kare Kare 2

Crispy Kare-Kare

This was the highlight of the set meal. Kare-kare would be ox-tail in peanut butter sauce. They added another twist but using crispy pata (pork leg) and they separated the meat and the sauce. Although not a fan of kare-kare, I liked their version and gave myself lots of servings. Crispy! Meaty! and Saucy! :)

We also ordered additional dishes because I thought it wouldn’t be enough for the 5 of us.

C2 Sisig Express

C2 Classic Cuisine Sisig Express – PHP 275.00

Their sisig express was the only one that I couldn’t determine if they added a twist or not. Taste-wise, it was yummy except for the fact that it gets spicier the more we eat it.

C2 Souper Molo

C2 Classic Cuisine Souper Molo – PHP 275.00

I suggested this one because I thought soup would be a nice addition and I’m a big fan of pancit molo from Iloilo. Our first reaction was… whoa those dumplings are very big! Usually the molo (dumplings) would be smaller but I’m not complaining. The soup tastes less salty than the version I’m used too and they added leafy vegetables. This was another twist on the familiar recipe but I liked it!

When dining out, I usually skip on Filipino cuisine because that’s what we eat at home already but with the twists added by C2, I made an exception and we enjoyed our dinner as we were stuffed!

A big thank you to C2 Classic Cuisine for this opportunity.

C2 Pandan Iced Tea

Btw, they added a pandan leaf to their iced tea! That’s something new for me.

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C2 Classic Cuisine, Katipunan
287 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 426-6681

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