C2 Signature Series

C2 Signature Series

C2 Classic Cuisine - C2 Signature Series

Here’s my own dining at C2 and trying out the C2 Signature Series


I’m looking to availing of the C2 Signature Series GC this weekend. C2’s Signature Series contains three of C2’s best sellers in three set meals. Here’s the menu:

Pinoy Favorites Set 1

  • Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion
  • Lumpiang Hubad
  • Walastik
  • Pandan Rice
  • Pandan Iced Tea

Pinoy Favorites Set 2

  • Crispy Kare-Kare
  • Tatlong Ensalada
  • Sizzling Bangus Belly
  • Pandan Rice
  • Pandan Iced Tea

Pinoy Favorites Set 3

  • Seafood Inasal
  • Chicharong Monggo
  • Crispy Paksiw
  • Pandan Rice
  • Pandan Iced Tea

So far, when I browsed through the net, I saw three posts and they featured Set 2.

Hmmm… now which one should I get? should I follow the crowd or get something new. Let’s see on Sunday :D

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