Café Juanita Lunch

Café Juanita Lunch

Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita

Every 1st day of the month, my girlfriend and I would eat out on a new place to celebrate. We used to reserve this day for buffets but seeing that we have been growing fat together and we were getting conscious of our body proportions, we decided to go with normal ala carte orders. I did some research on where we could eat where my criteria was somewhere in Kapitolyo since it was a place we haven’t gone too. Café Juanita was first on my list because of it’s unique ambiance and the presence of kare – kare that she likes.

Before we got here, we got lost along West Capitol Drive. Although it is besides the road, the entrance is a bit further back so that’s why we missed it. Upon entering the place, you would be surprised at what you will see. You will think of it as an antique shop instead of a restaurant. Gladly, there are waiters there that would signal that you are in the right place. Café Juanita serves Filipino cuisine and this were what we ate.

Cafe Juanita Calamares Fritos

Cafe Juanita Calamares Fritos – PHP 205

Café Juanita Calamares Fritos

This would be our appetizer. The squid wasn’t rubbery which was a good thing and I liked the tartar sauce.

Cafe Juanita Chicken Pandan

Cafe Juanita Chicken Pandan – PHP 303

I found this bland. I was expecting a more juicy and aromatic chicken due to the presence of pandan leaves but this didn’t meet my expectation.

Cafe Juanita Kare Kare ni Juanita

Cafe Juanita Kare Kare ni Juanita – PHP 520

Considered as one of their best sellers, we tried this one. The peanut butter sauce was very creamy and viscous that just the sauce and rice would already make you full. Although still not a fan of this dish, I liked this and the tasty beef that it comes with. I only tried quite a handful of kare kare dishes but I have to say that this would be at the top of my list.

Cafe Juanita Crepe Samurai

Cafe Juanita Crepe Samurai – PHP 89

When I say crepe, I would expect it to be flat so I was surprised that it came in a bowl. This is more of a creme brulee than a crepe but as long as it tastes good, I won’t complain. It’s creamy at the top with slices of mango at the bottom and chocolate syrup on the side.

Cafe Juanita Sticky Toffee Pudding

Cafe Juanita Sticky Toffee Pudding – PHP89

The last but definitely not the least. I have heard good things about this dessert and upon tasting it, it was really good. The combination of the hot tofu pudding and the cold ice cream was great! It was sweet and has this melts in your mouth taste. Very similar feeling to the chocolate mati sin that I tried at Zuzini. You should not leave Café Juanita without trying this dish.

Thank you Café Juanita for providing us a good place to celebrate. We loved the food and we would be back for more of that toffee pudding!

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Cafe Juanita
2 United St
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 632-0357

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