Café Mary Grace

Café Mary Grace

Cafe Mary Grace

After eating lunch at Ukokkei Ramen Ron, we looked for a place to eat dessert and upon passing Café Mary Grace, our friend told us that their hot chocolate was nice so we ended up going inside. Aside from hot chocolates, Café Mary Grace serves a lot of food (e.g. pasta, sandwiches, rice meals, pizza) so you can dine in then order dessert after (similar to Conti’s). Now, let me present our orders.

Cafe Mary Grace Cheese Roll

Café Mary Grace Cheese Roll – PHP 42

One of their best sellers and you would understand why after you take a bite.

Cafe Mary Grace Hot Chocolate

Café Mary Grace Hot Chocolate – PHP 92

A good partner for their cheese roll or ensaymada especially now that we are going into the rainy season.

Cafe Mary Grace Black Velvet

Café Mary Grace Black Velvet – PHP 124

I like! Don’t let the black color turn you off as this was delicious especially the white cream-like topping.

Cafe Mary Grace Apple Pie

Café Mary Grace Apple Pie – PHP 97

Not really a fan of apple pie so I have to pass on this and move on to the next plates.

Cafe Mary Grace Chocolate Cake

Café Mary Grace Chocolate Cake – PHP 81

I would pass this as a normal chocolate cake but since it had caramel, I would give it a plus (biased lol).

Cafe Mary Grace Mango Bene

Café Mary Grace Mango Bene – PHP 104

I like! It’s very similar to mango bravo by Contis and they have generous servings of mangoes.

We also availed of their Iced Teas (I had the peach flavor) which had unique flavors. We came here with dessert in mind but I wouldn’t mind coming back here to enjoy a full course meal. I read that they are also famous for their ensaymada so that’s something on my to-try list too.

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Café Mary Grace, Greenbelt 2
Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center
Makati Cty, Metro Manila
(02) 501-3089

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One thought on “Café Mary Grace

  1. u8mypinkcookies says:

    Been wanting to try their pasta and cakes. but I love their cheese rolls :D

So what can you say? :)