Capricciosa Lunch

Capricciosa Lunch


Thanks to; we were able to try out this deal.

P250 instead of P500 for Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano

Jessa and I celebrated our 1.5 years at Capricciosa (for lunch). I bought 3 vouchers from the CashCashPinoy deal for our lunch so let’s see what we can eat with that.

Capricciosa Baked Mussel Gratin

Capricciosa Baked Mussel Gratin2

Capricciosa Baked Mussel Gratin – PHP 350

What I like about baked mussels would be the oozing melted cheese that goes with it. Capricciosa’s version improves this by a mile! They used a cheesy gratin on it. It makes every serving a mix of crunchiness, creaminess and delicious-ness that I’m happy to say that this instantly becomes my favorite version of baked mussels.

Capricciosa Pizza

Capricciosa Pizza2

Capricciosa Pizza – PHP 410

According to my research, Capricciosa means “everything on the house”. So this would the the “supreme” in other pizza places. However, I just want to note that due to them running out of mushroom, they offered to use bacon instead. Who am I to say no to Bacon? As a result, our pizza now looks very similar to the all meat variants.

We noticed that the pizza was saltier compared to the other pizzas we have tried but it gets countered by the sweet tomato sauce (and I think the cheese helps but not that much). In terms of crispiness, only the edge was while the other parts of the crust was a bit soggy, but I liked it. It makes you taste more of the toppings. I’m not sure if we were just hungry or what but once we started on our first pizza slice, we couldn’t stop till nothing was left on the pan (4 slices gone just like that). The ham (or that round thing) was distracting our momentum though since it was rubbery so we had to pause and chew it properly.

Capricciosa Pasta 3 Kinds

Capricciosa Pasta 3 Kinds – PHP 565

Capricciosa offers a lot of spaghetti pasta dishes so we opted with the pasta 3 kinds where you can pick 3 different pasta to try out. We picked squid ink spaghetti (black sauce), seafood spaghetti (tomato based sauce) and truffle spaghetti (white sauce).

Capricciosa Squid Ink Spaghetti

Capricciosa Squid Ink Spaghetti

I liked adobong pusit (squid) due to the squid ink and I like it also as a sauce for spaghetti. It had real squid on it and the pasta feels like eating squid tentacles due to the squid ink that clot stuck to it . My only problem with the dish was the itchy on the throat spiciness it had. Well, that’s just me and my weak tolerance for spicy food.

Capricciosa Seafood Spaghetti

Capricciosa Seafood Spaghetti

Due to us being full, we requested this for take out. We ate it on the next day but it was still delicious. It wasn’t sweet like the Filipino style tomato sauce. Among the 3, this would be the one that I’ll order again. My preference would change if the squid ink pasta would tone down on its spiciness.

Capricciosa Truffle Spaghetti

Capricciosa Truffle Spaghetti

This was supposed to be our white sauce pizza but it felt and tasted more of a pasta drenched in oil. It was creamy yet the amount of oil it goes with ruins the experience.

Capricciosa Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Capricciosa Oreo Ice Cream Cake – PHP 250

The saying “there’s always room for dessert” was put to test here. Given the amount of food that we just ate, how can we finish this big Oreo Ice Cream Cake (around 4-5 inches in diameter)? This was simply vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and caramel syrup and it rests on an oreo crust. A few minutes later, I was a believer of that saying and I was left wondering, how did my stomach find space for this?

As for drinks, I had the choco banana peanut butter milkshake (tasted like Reese Chocolates) while Jessa had the lychee shake (literally tastes like lychee turned into shake).

Although Capricciosa was leaning on the expensive side, (thanks to the vouchers to soften it up), we enjoyed our lunch due to the delicious food that they served. Too bad we were not able to finish the pasta due to stomach capacity constraints. I loved everything except for the truffle spaghetti as I’m not a fan of very oily pasta.

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