Carnivale – Mercato Centrale at McKinley

Carnivale – Mercato Centrale Opens at McKinley

Carnivale Mercato Centrale

Last December 12, 2013, Carnivale, latest place of the highly successful Mercato Centrale, opened its doors to the public. It is at the open center space of the Venice Piazza Mall at McKinley Hill. This is great news to everyone who lives or works at McKinley Hill ( me included) as we would have an array of foodie choices for dine outs every Thursday and Friday.

Carnivale Mercato Centrale Ribbon Cutting

Carnivale Mercato Centrale Ribbon Cutting

As of posting, here’s the list of merchants. Some of the vendors here can already be found in other Mercato Centrale locations such as Cucina Andare (e.g. Macheesemo, B.Wings, Wrap Battle, to name a few) while some of the merchants are new ones. I will update this post to show you more pictures!

  1. Mug Café
  2. Grab n Go
  3. Miggy Piggy Food Shack
  4. Sari-saring Longganisa

    Sari-saring Longganisa

    Sari-saring Longganisa

  5. B. Wings
  6. Abhie’s Kitchen
  7. Wrap Battle
  8. Cakes by K
  9. Dad’s Moms

    Chef Bob's Sizzilng Sisig by Dad’s Moms

    Chef Bob’s Sizzilng Sisig by Dad’s Moms

  10. Mamay’s IhawIhaw
  11. Macheesemo Burgers

    Macheesemo Burgers

    Macheesemo Burgers

  12. Lets Taco Abut It

    Lets Taco Abut It

    Lets Taco Abut It

  13. Olympia’s Gourmet
  14. Tamayaki


    Tamayaki – Each Order has 4 pcs and a drink

  15. Tita Midle’s Food

    Tita Midle’s Food Catering

    Tita Midle’s Food Catering

  16. Rutherfrost
  17. Abs Kebab
  18. Pipers Pan

    Piper's Pan

    Piper’s Pan – comes in 2 for PHP150 or 3 for PHP150

  19. Shawarma King

    Shawarma King

    Shawarma King

  20. FMT Taclings

    FMT Taclings

    FMT Taclings – They also have Bicol’s Famous Toasted Siopao

  21. Manong’s Bagnet
  22. Batangas Red Adobo

    Batangas Red Adobo

    Batangas Red Adobo – A twist to the common adobo and they give out loyalty cards!

  23. Lariza’s Grill
  24. Chicago Pizza

    Chicago Pizza

    Chicago Pizza

  25. Poland
  26. Isa’s Mongolian

Mercato Centrale prides itself as a foodie business “incubator” where aspiring business can test the waters before moving forward. Some of their successful babies were Manang’s Chicken, Spring by Ha Yuan, Mochiko, Merry Moo Premium Ice Cream, Kristina’s Inutak and Chucks Grubberie Fish and Chips.

Disclosure: Carnivale paid for our meals. 

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Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill
every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm to 3am.

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