Casa Verde at Cebu

Casa Verde at Cebu

Case Verde

Let us go back to 2012 where we went to Cebu for a vacation. I was with Jessa and her high school classmates. We ate at a their foodie spots and one of them was Casa Verde. Our host for that night was Coy Caballes; the pioneer vlogger in the Philippines whom I met way back in 2007, and was also Jessa’s high school classmate (small world eh?).

Casa Verde Watermelon Salad

Casa Verde Watermelon Salad – PHP 118

It was dark and raining hard on our way to Casa Verde so I wanted to have something refreshing (and also healthy) so I picked this. A few pieces of refreshing watermelon on top of vegies w/ mayo. It also comes with a free dinner roll and butter.

Casa Verde Brian's Ribs

Casa Verde Brian’s Ribs – PHP 208

Dubbed as their best seller, we all ordered the same dish! It was a tender bbq baby back ribs with a almost like lechon taste. I’m not sure why but the more I eat it, the more I imagine Cebu Lechon (the salty roasted pig that needs no sauce).

Casa Verde Michael’s Obsession

Casa Verde Michael’s Obsession – PHP 135

For dessert, we started with Michael’s obsession which is actually just an ice cream sitting on top of the brownie. Nothing really special about this but it gave us enough room for what’s coming next…

Casa Verde Death By Chocolate

Casa Verde Death By Chocolate – PHP 148

and say hello to Death by Chocolate. I could still hear Coy’s orgasmic like sounds as he introduced this to us and had his first spoonful for the night! It was layers of chocolate goodness starting from the rocky road ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie crust; and was bleeding with chocolate syrup.

Casa Verde provides a home-like ambiance with delicious food at not so expensive prices. The good news is that they have opened branches here in Manila (UP Town Center) so you no longer need to travel just to have a taste of Brian’s Ribs then die in chocolate overload!

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PS: Rest in Peace Coy Caballes. We barely talked when we first met but during our Cebu trip, you made it like we were buddies since high school (minus the actual memories of high school). 


Casa Verde

Address: Lahug, Cebu City
Phone:(032) 412 3336

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