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Closed Restaurants

Restaurants / Branches that have closed :(

My 1st Time at 2nds

My 1st Time at 2nds

2nds Bacon Chicharon

2nds Bacon Chicharon – PHP 340
No, seriously. It’s bacon chicharon. Served with muscovado mustard dip and spiced vinegar.

Hooray! Another add restaurant to my “should try” list. 2nds serves “comfort food” while taking it on a different level or a unique twist.  Continue reading →

SF Bistro Dinner Celebration

SF Bistro Grilled Salmon SF Bistro Dinner Celebration   We wanted to celebrate and I decided to try SF Bistro; one of the restaurants along Tuscany at McKinley Hill. Upon entering SF Bistro, you will see a huge painting of the Golden Gate Bridge and immediately brings back memories of the time we toured the west coast. While browsing through […] Continue reading →

Off the Grid (OTG) “Food Truck”

Off the Grid Couch Potato Sandwich Off the Grid (OTG) “Food Truck”   Off the Grid (OTG) is one of the restaurants that you can find at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill and the latest one that we tried out. Off the Grid follows the concept of a food truck (e.g. Mercato, Carnivale, Cucina Andare) but offers something that customers really look for on these […] Continue reading →