Cha Time in LandMark

Cha Time in LandMark

Cha Time Milk Teas

There was always a long line in Cha Time every time we pass from Glorietta 3 to Landmark. A long line for me either means the place is new (people are still curious to try it out) or they are really good (they have repeat customers) so it made us curious to try it out.

Cha Time Menu

Cha Time Menu

We browsed at the menu to see what’s available and what we can order.   When ordering, you can specify the amount of ice that you want (I go for no ice) and the amount of sugar to be added (which is a good thing for those who are watching their sugar levels). I settled for the most common “Pearl Milk Tea” while Jessa got the “Cha Time Roasted Milk Tea“.

Cha Time Waiting Circle Stuff

After ordering, you will be given this black circle thingy that will serve as your number and it will light up when your order is ready. (I wasn’t able to capture it lighting up).

Cha Time Roasted Milk Tea

The “Cha Time Roasted Milk Tea” had a strong tea taste in every sip and it also has the same aftertaste. It’s a good choice for those who want their tea to still taste like tea.

Cha Time Pearl Milk Tea

On the other hand, the “Pearl Milk Tea” was more sweeter, had lots of chewy pearls and only slight tea aftertaste. It felt very “basic” but I just wanted to try their most common one.

I’m looking forward in trying out their other variants such as the Taro Milk Tea, Red Bean Milk Tea, the ones in the Chatime Special mixes and the Oriental Pop Teas. For those who aren’t fond of teas, you can opt for coffee or their smoothies and juices (which I would want to try too).

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ChaTime, Landmark Mall
Landmark Mall, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

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  1. havent tried but i know people are crazy about milk teas now.

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