Chansel Pizza Haus

Chansel Pizza Haus

Chansel Pizza Haus

We were at Starmall, Alabang looking for something to eat when Chansel Pizza Haus came into view. They offer pizza at a reasonable price of around PHP 120-140 but they do taste good for a budget pizza.

We ordered the Honey Bacon flavor. They do have other flavors available. I observed how they created the pizza as they do it in front of you.

Chansel Pizza Haus Honey Bacon Pizza 2

They would start with the dough where they would pour tomato sauce on it. A bar of cheese (kraft cheese.. Eden? yum!) would be shred fully into the pizza and then the toppings would be placed (mushrooms, onion, bellpeppers and of course, Bacon! ). It would be placed in the pizza oven where it goes in uncooked and goes out hot and cooked!

Chansel Pizza Haus Honey Bacon Pizza

I tasted it and it was delicious! The crust was crunchy, the bacon was tasty but what made the difference was the generous amount of cheese on the pizza. I could taste the cheese on every bite and it added the much needed flavor to the pizza. This officially makes me a fan of Chansel Pizza Haus so it’s time to hunt for more branches.

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Starmall, Alabang

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4 thoughts on “Chansel Pizza Haus

  1. hahaha sharing with you our family’s favorite budget pizza. hehe :)

  2. shieryll suan says:

    i love the taste of tour pizza. i wanna know if u are into franchising and how much, thanks

  3. There’s already one in Sta.Lucia East in Cainta for over a year now. Just saying…

So what can you say? :)