Char Dining First Impressions

Char Dining First Impressions

Char Dining - Crispy Roast Pork Belly

From Singapore to Manila; Char Dining opens at Uptown Mall to serve their signature roasted dishes.

I’m unfamiliar with the roasted char siew that’s being offered by Char Dining. The roasted dishes I usually see in Chinese restaurants would be Chicken, Duck or Pork Asado. Also, I have associated char siew as a topping for ramen. So this would be a learning experience for me while I fill my belly with something new.

I was late to arrive but just in time for the food to arrive. I quickly took pictures as the food looked enticing that I might not be able to stop them from attacking the plates!

Char Dining - Spinach with Preserved Bean Curd

Char Dining – Spinach with Preserved Bean Curd – PHP 230

The spinach.. ummm.. tasted like spinach?

Char Dining - Butter Prawns

Char Dining – Butter Prawns – PHP 420

The butter prawns were the only non roasted dish we had. The shell was already removed so you can immediately dig in but watch out for the tail though. It had a few flakes (cereals?) to give it a light crunch.

Char Dining – Soya Kampong Chicken – PHP 200 (quarter) / 390 (half) / 780 (whole)

Another dish that I enjoyed would be the Soya Kampong Chicken. Slighty crispy skin and soft chicken meat bathing in its own oil and soy sauce. The sauce itself can already be a great companion for rice! Add the chicken and be ready to order more rice!

Char Dining - Special Char Siew

Char Dining – Special Char Siew – PHP 150 (100g) / 450 (300g)

The Special Char Siew would be their best seller; tender pork with a dark and viscous glaze. The glaze was sweet which was perfect for our taste-buds. I prefer to pair it immediately with rice as the sweetness overwhelms me.

Char Dining - Crispy Roast Pork Belly

Char Dining – Crispy Roast Pork Belly – PHP 150 (100g) / 450 (300g)

On the other hand, the crispy pork belly may look simple but each bite was an awesome experience. The pork belly had five (5) layers with the right amount of crunchy skin, a layer of fat (diet can look away), meat, fat again and meat. Usually I just scrape of the fat but on this day; everything was eaten. It can be dipped in their chili sauce or that mustard looking sauce they used for lettering.

Char Dining - Roast Duck

Char Dining – Roast Duck – PHP 650 (quarter) / 1300 (half) / 2500 (whole)

The roast duck took a while to arrive (so a bit of grumpiness emanating from our table). I’m torn to say if it was worth the wait because it tastes like any roast duck dish that I have tried and enjoyed.

Overall, we had a great dining experience at Char Dining. I enjoyed the food especially the pork belly and Kampong Chicken (not really on the special char siew though). Service had a few hiccups but I’m sure they can easily improve on that and I’m looking forward to trying more of their dishes soon.

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Char Dining

Second Floor, Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue Corner 38th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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