Chateau de France Opens at SM Makati

Chateau de France Opens at SM Makati

Chateau de France

Right after the Cooking Demo with Chef Cacho(see SM Supermarket launches Angus Beef for more details), we were introduced to a new bakery at SM Makati; Chateau de France.

Chateau de France Cooking Demo

Louis Thevenin, general manager of Chateau de France, also gave us a demo on how to make your own French sandwiches in less than a minute (provided you already have all the ingredients ready).

Chateau de France - Sandwiches is served

We learned a lot from the presentation Mr Louis did such as…

  • Bread at Chateau de France gets baked all through out the day so there’s always a good chance that the bread that you just bought from them was baked just a few minutes ago.
  • They use imported ingredients from France … although they would also use local ingredients such as smoked tangigue in their sandwiches.Chateau de France - Ham
  • They have a cheese that remind me of Tom and Jerry!
    Chateau de France - Tom and Jerry Cheese
  • Their bread has bigger holes (which means quality). Something I can’t explain why because I always thought the opposite.Chateau de France - Bread Large Holes
  • They use authentic flour (not the processed ones) so … eating their bread won’t make you fat. That was also Mr Louis explanation on why French women stay slim.

But the highlight of the night would be these tiny little burger looking pastries called… macarons.

Chateau de France Macarons in Store

At PHP 40 a piece, they would be enough reason for me to keep coming back to Chateau de France.

Chateau de France Macarons

In my hand, I hold a chocolate macaron. I have to say that their macarons is the best macarons I have ever tasted. The crust was so soft that my teeth would just sink into it and once you reach the filling, you will really taste the flavor. At PHP 40 a piece, you would experience bliss for a few seconds or up until you swallow.

Their macarons currently have the following flavors; Raspberry, Vanilla, Mango, Orange, Coconut, Fig, Lemon, Chocolate, Pistachio and Lime.

Thank you to Mr Jonel who invited me to this event as I now have discovered my go to place for macarons!


Disclosure: Chateau de France paid for our meal

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Chateau de France

SM Makati Supermarket, EDSA
Ayala Center, Makati

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8 thoughts on “Chateau de France Opens at SM Makati

  1. Hope they’ll open an Ortigas Branch.hehehe. :P

  2. Wasn’t able to make it to the event, but I’ll try and visit Chateau de France soon :) I’m a big bread lover, but I’ve always been holding back so I won’t get fat. Maybe at Chateau de France I can eat as much bread as I want XD And oh, those macarons look heavenly! Would love to try raspberry, coconut, pistachio and lime~ :D

    • aww too bad :( you missed the steaks! hehe yes, go for their bread because he said you won’t get fat with their breads. but… the macarons might be a different story hehehhe

  3. hello there! I love their macarons a lot. :) i wonder if they have gift certificate so i can give to my relatives as present this Christmas, or maybe they accept barter exchange in advertising in our magazine. I would like to contact chateau de france for this matter, but i cant find their contact. :( Kindly help me. Thank you.

    • Hello Ms Sarah, apologies for the late reply. I also do not have their contact details. Do you frequent SM Malls? Usually, they can be found near the grocery area. :)

  4. ugh, i tried this last saturday and the taste was YUCK … the macarons were old. i feel i wasted my money buying 9 pieces :(

    • Oh, I’m sad to hear about your experience. From which branch did you buy them from? The last time I tried them was at SM Aura. The filling wasn’t oozing as from my first experience but it was still delicious :)

So what can you say? :)